Yosef from The Bachelorette is accused of two-timing woman after filming the show

A woman is speaking out about her experiences with Yosef. Pic credit: ABC

Yosef from The Bachelorette isn’t impressing Clare Crawley on the show.

Clare seems into Dale Moss so much that some of the other guys have threatened to walk out based on the previews for Tuesday’s episode.

But Yosef seemed to do just fine after he left The Bachelorette. In fact, just a few months later, he’s making headlines thanks to a woman named Carly Hammond.

As it turns out, Yosef reached out to Carly on social media and started chatting with her. Things got to be so serious that they met in person during the coronavirus pandemic.

But that’s when things changed.

Yosef from The Bachelorette gets blasted on Tik Tok

Carly decided to go on Tik Tok and share her experiences with Yosef. Her experiences happened after he was done filming the show, but before it aired.

In a series of videos uploaded to Tik Tok, Carly explains that Yosef direct-messaged her on Instagram after returning back from The Bachelorette.

At the time, she didn’t know he was going to be on the show.

She explains that they chatted online and even saw him in person. Things got so serious that they were FaceTiming all day for hours and she reveals they talked about having a family, having kids, and getting married.


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♬ original sound – Carly Hammond

To back up her story, she continued to share screenshots of their text messages.

In a twist, she explains that they hung out and had a rocky weekend together. She wanted to follow up with him and asked him what had happened with them to make everything awkward.


#greenscreen I ran out of time so I’ll post another one! With all the crazy things that went down! #bachelornation

♬ original sound – Carly Hammond

That’s when he shared a Snapchat video of him masturbating and saying how he wanted to sleep with the women the video was intended for. He tried to delete the video, but Carly had already seen it.

He then ghosted and didn’t want to face the consequences.


#greenscreen here where it gets interesting ? #bachelornation

♬ original sound – Carly Hammond

She explains that she blocked him on Instagram, but he continued to follow her on an account he had created for his dog.

Carly is still sharing videos on Tik Tok where she continues to reveal more details about their time together.

Yosef didn’t impress Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette

From what we know from the spoilers, Clare isn’t impressed with Yosef either. While he is currently on the show, something will happen with Yosef that makes him look bad, considering he has a daughter.

Reality Steve reveals that he has heard stories about Yosef, as he supposedly says something to Clare that will offend her.

Yosef isn’t the only male contestant that has a bad reputation already. Reality Steve has revealed that Eazy also has a sketchy past, claiming that women have come forward with stories about him. Again, He hasn’t shared much about these accusations but said that he probably won’t be making an appearance on a Bachelor show again.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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