The Bachelorette star Eazy wins over fans but Reality Steve drops a bombshell, citing allegations against him

Eazy won over fans on The Bachelorette, but there are now serious allegations against him. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette premiered this week on ABC and fans were excited to finally see Clare Crawley start her journey as The Bachelorette lead.

She met the guys during the first episode and the men tried to impress her in every way possible.

One of those guys was Uzoma ‘Eazy’ Nwachukwu.

He made a grand entrance as he ran through a sign that read, “your future husband,” making reference to his football background.

Eazy also made an impression on viewers, wearing a salmon-colored suit from head to toe.

Eazy from The Bachelorette is facing serious allegations

It didn’t take long for people to write on social media that if Clare doesn’t pick Eazy, he should at least be considered as a Bachelor lead.

But based on some new information, he may never be seen in the Bachelor world again.

“Take a good look at Eazy because I don’t think you’ll be seeing him in this franchise ever again,” Reality Steve explains. “Some serious allegations against him arose on social media last night. I spoke with the woman involved. Not good, I’ll leave it at that.”

Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

“Don’t even know what to say about this…if true, highly disappointing. I don’t know how ABC let this slip through…yet again,” added @bachelornation.scoop on the screenshot.

We verified that Reality Steve did write this on his website and sure enough, he didn’t go into details about these accusations.

We don’t know what these allegations are, but they appear to be serious enough for Reality Steve to guess producers won’t bring him back – even without evidence or charges.

Eazy from The Bachelorette isn’t the only one with bad allegations

But Eazy isn’t the only person to face allegations. Just last year, several women spoke out about a man who had been cast on Hannah Brown’s season.

Tyler G from Hannah’s season was removed from the show without anyone noticing because he had been accused of spitting in a woman’s face.

Suddenly he was gone, and producers didn’t mention anything about it. Other women stated that he had questioned women who made out with him in college, asking what kind of reputations they wanted.

But it’s not only the guys.

For Peter Weber’s season, Reality Steve revealed that he had never gotten more negative information than he had about Victoria Fuller.

She was labelled to be a homewrecker, as she supposedly broke up marriages prior to meeting Peter on The Bachelor. Despite this, producers recently revealed that they considered her as a Bachelorette lead prior to settling on Clare Crawley.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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