Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren’s baby Mylah: Everything you need to know

90 Day Fiance stars Yara and Jovi share details about their baby girl
Yara and Jovi share details about baby Mylah. Pic credit:TLC

90 Day Fiance stars Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren certainly have a lot to celebrate right now.

Their love story led to a happy ending despite the rocky relationship we saw play out all season long.

The couple recently tied the knot on the latest episode of the TLC show and fans also got to witness the birth of Yara and Jovi’s daughter Mylah.

Yara and Jovi are parents

Viewers have been following the 90 Day Fiance couple’s pregnancy journey throughout Season 8.

The Louisiana native and his Ukrainian love had their share of ups and down and after Yara left her family and moved to the U.S she later found out that they were expecting.

This was not Yara’s first time being pregnant, but unfortunately, they suffered a miscarriage the first time around.

The pregnancy news added another layer of difficulty as the couple tried to mend their relationship before tying the knot. But in the latest episode it all worked out for Yara and Jovi.

Not only did they tie the knot in Las Vegas, but the couple also welcomed their first child into the world.

Yara and Jovi dish about baby Mylah

The 90 Day Fiance couple had a recent chat with Us Weekly and they swooned over their bundle of joy.

Now that Mylah’s birth has played out on the TLC show, maybe we will get a glimpe of her very soon.

For now, Yara and Jovi are sharing details about their 7-month old daughter, who was born in September 2020.

“She’s definitely got her mom’s personality 100 percent,” noted Jovi during the interview. “She’s cranky. When she doesn’t like something, she’s going to let you know about it.”

The new dad also admitted that having a baby is harder than he thought it would be.

“It’s a lot tougher than I imagined. Before, [I thought], ‘OK, having a baby. Put on the TV, they’ll be fine. And you can leave them for a couple of hours,’” shared Jovi.

“That’s obviously not the case, and I understand that now.”

As for Yara, she revealed that her little one doesn’t enjoy tummy time. “When I put her on her belly, she turned,” shared the 25-year old. “She started turning so quickly. She’s a pretty strong baby.”

And the couple might be giving Mylah a brother or sister sometime in the future, but not quite yet.

“I want to have one more child. Just not now,” admitted the new mom. “For me, it’s a challenge to be a mom by myself because Jovi’s [gone] most of the time at work. I can’t do two babies by myself, it’s impossible.”

Yara continued, “I don’t have my family here. So I will love to have one more baby, but after.”

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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