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Williams ghosts Yolanda as she plans trip to England — Before the 90 Days star still doesn’t suspect he’s a catfish

Yolanda on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Yolanda still hasn’t given up on Williams despite all the red flags. Pic credit: TLC

Williams has displayed so many red flags in just two episodes of Before the 90 Days that 90 Day Fiance fans are screaming that he is a catfish. Yolanda still doesn’t get it.

It seems that Yolanda really wants to believe that her man is real and that he’s going to pick her up in London or Manchester… or somewhere in England.

Pretty much everyone else knows that accent is not British and those pictures are fake. Well, not fake per se, but they are definitely not Williams.

Yolanda is still pushing after airport flub

Williams almost screwed up everything after he told Yolanda to fly into London and then Manchester, then told her the airport is called “ABS” when it absolutely is not (in either London or Manchester.)

That hasn’t stopped Yolanda though. She wants to see her man and she’s going to keep pressing until either she gets what she wants or Williams is forced to confess the dirty truth. Or he may just go ghost and disappear altogether.

It looks like the latter is what is happening here.

When it becomes obvious that Yolanda is going to fly to England no matter how many red flags she sees, Williams likely sees no alternative but to just disappear altogether.

Williams goes ghost

In the newest 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days preview, Yolanda can be seen calling Williams over and over and he just won’t pick up.

“Last night, after I couldn’t find the airport that Williams had texted me, I tried reaching out but he never contacted me back and he never answered,” Yolanda says while trying to call him once again.

“He’s not picking up,” she says. “This is the time that I usually talk to him. I’m gonna keep trying. I’m gonna go back on the ‘Gram. I’m gonna text him there. Maybe he’ll get that message…hopefully.”

After trying to message Williams five times in one day on Instagram, it’s pretty clear that he’s not going to message her back.

Instead of realizing that Williams is a catfish and that he is distancing himself before she makes a flight across the Atlantic, she worries that he has cold feet.

“I’m hoping it’s just a big misunderstanding,” Yolanda said, still hopeful that her man will return her messages.

Now, Before the 90 Days viewers want to know if Yolanda will even get to make her big trip to England and also if we’ll ever get a chance to meet Williams and see who he really is.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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