Will chef Ben Robinson make a return for a Below Deck charter season?

Chef Ben Robinson
Can Below Deck fans hope to see chef Ben Robinson back for another charter season? Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck and Below Deck Med chef Ben Robinson is a beloved member of the hit Bravo franchise for his exemplary chef skills, quick wit, wild personality, kitchen arguments, and several boatmances.

Chef Ben is also arguably one of the best and most entertaining chefs that have come through the OG show and its spinoffs.

Since his appearances on Below Deck Seasons 1-4 and Below Deck Med Seasons 1 and 4, Ben has largely been out of the Below Deck spotlight.

He appeared on the commentary show Below Deck Galley Talk alongside his pal and former Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain the entire time it was running before it went on hiatus.

Now, it looks like Galley Talk will be back and Kate is excited about the show’s return. She tagged her costar Ben in an excited tweet about the comeback where viewers can listen to some of the most memorable cast members weigh in on various episodes within the franchise that are currently airing.

Ben wears many hats both as a product of and outside of his Below Deck fame, but can fans expect to see him back for a charter season?

Kate Chastain's Tweet
Pic credit: @kate_chastain/Twitter

Is there a chance chef Ben Robinson will return to Below Deck charters?

Since chef Ben was doing charters on the show, several new Below Deck spinoffs have dropped, with Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under, and Below Deck Adventure emerging.

If chef Ben has a curiosity about working a charter season on any one of those spinoffs, the option would probably be there for him because he is in good standing with the network and is still a renowned chef.

However, what might be keeping him from trying his hand at charters is his busy life now with his own business endeavors, events, and promotions.

Ben does everything from hosting meet-n-greets with fans to attending charity events with fellow Below Deck cast members, to promoting his appearance within Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages cruise line.

He also has his own line of knives and gourmet hot sauces to boot.

Chef Ben Robinson had blow-ups with Below Deck Med chief stew Hannah Ferrier

One of chef Ben’s most memorable moments was when he had a major miscommunication with chief stew Hannah Ferrier during Season 4 of Below Deck Med.

They had a misunderstanding about the difference between entrees and mains and how many courses they were going to have, which caused a bit of a meltdown and awkward tension for both of them.

Another notable scene was also between Ben and Hannah when Ben accused Hannah of rushing dinner service.

While Ben had a few typical chef meltdowns and disagreements with the crew he was working with, he no doubt threw down some incredible dishes and earned the respect of captains, fans, and guests alike.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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