Will and Kyra have a message for their Love Island USA fans

Will and Kyra on Love Island USA
Will and Kyra on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

By the time Season 3 of Love Island USA ended, fans had decided that Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama were not worthy of the win.

Fans voted for fan-favorite Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser to win the show.

Many fans on social media also voiced predictions that Will would leave Kyra the second they left the show.

Not only did that not happen, but Will is letting people know how wrong they were.

Will lets Love Island fans know his feelings about Kyra

Will and Kyra were at the New York City Love Island USA reunion party this weekend.

They also took a lot of photos of them together, proving they were not coupled up just to win a reality TV show, but that they were there for the long haul.

Will posted one specific photo on Instagram that let fans know what he was thinking about the doubters and haters in the world.

He posted a photo of them in New York City with the comment, “We are not boring ? & we are together ?.”

Kyra left a response under the post, with an “OH YEA BABY” followed by Love Island USA alumni chiming in with a “Mama y papa.”

Kyra response on IG
Pic credit: @willmoncadaj/Instagram

Another Love Island alumni in Justine Ndiba also responded with the comment, “I’m just obsessed” to which Will responded that he and Kyra are also obsessed “with u.”

Justine response on IG
Pic credit: @willmoncadaj/Instagram

Will and Kyra making plans post-Love Island USA

Will and Kyra have big plans now that they are out of the villa on Love Island USA and out in the real world.

They spent some time in Hawaii together and then arrived in New York City for the Islanders’ reunion. There are more big things coming for Will and Kyra.

Will will be heading to Colombia soon because his sister is having a baby and he wants to be there as a new uncle. When he returns, he and Kyra have plans to vacation together.

“We were really excited about what was going to happen after and I think maybe we think we’re going to live together,” Will told ET Online. “But we’re really nostalgic of all those moments we shared in the villa. It’s going to be in our memories.”

Kyra also said there would be traveling and adventures in their future.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live the third season on Paramount+, streaming right now.

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Marykaren C haske
Marykaren C haske
2 years ago

I hope you guys stay together you are great together and may your life be fun of fun and adventure and have a long life with marriage and kids down the line. Please post how are you doing and lets everyone know how things are going. Love you guys.