Why hasn’t Katie Flood fired Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Med? Alums Daisy Kelliher and Josiah Carter weigh in

Daisy Kelliher and Josiah Carter talks Lexi Wilson and Katie Flood drama on Below Deck Med.
Daisy and Josiah have a similar opinion when it comes to Lexi still being on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Josiah Carter from Below Deck have weighed in on why Katie Flood hasn’t fired Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Fans are at a loss as to how Lexi has remained part of the Lady Michelle crew. Lexi’s physical and verbal attacks on her colleagues should have gotten her fired. However, Captain Sandy Yawn has urged Katie to guide and lead Lexi instead of giving her to the boot.

Now, as Lexi’s work ethic has led to new stew Delaney Evans joining the interior, viewers are baffled at the fact Lexi is still on the crew.

Daisy Kelliher and Josiah Carter think Katie Flood wants to fire Lexi Wilson

On the recent episode of Dani Soares, Daisy, and Alli Dore’s IG series Pita Party, Josiah Carter filled in for Alli. It didn’t take long for Josiah, Daisy, and Dani to bring up how Katie is dealing with Lexi on Below Deck Med Season 6.

Dani asked what Josiah would have done if he had been in Katie’s shoes.

Josiah shared he’s more direct than Katie and admitted that Lexi isn’t really willing to change. The second stew revealed he would have gone to Captain Sandy and made it abundantly clear that nothing could be done to salvage the Lexi situation.

Daisy revealed her thoughts about Katie’s handling the situation.

“I actually think Katie does want to get rid of Lexi,” she shared. “But I think, from what I can see, obviously we know there’s more that goes on than what we can see. But Sandy’s really trying to encourage her to make her grow. Because I think Katie is new with Sandy, she doesn’t want to push it. That’s the impression I was getting. I actually think if it was up to Katie, she would have gotten rid of Lexi.”

Josiah agreed with Daisy’s insight and added his thoughts to her assessment of the situation.

“I think you’re right, Daisy. I think Katie does probably want to get rid of her. And Captain Sandy is saying, ‘No. Maybe she’s different. Maybe she’s changed,'” he explained before spilling that, of course, is not the case.

Would Katie have handled Lexi differently if it was her second season working with Captain Sandy?

The fact that this is Katie’s first season on Below Deck Mediterranean and first time working with Captain Sandy was also discussed on Pita Party.

Dani didn’t hesitate to call out the way Captain Sandy was treating Katie when talking to her.

“I think Sandy was very dismissive. And Katie was like what you are saying now. She wasn’t like, ‘No, no, you need to listen. Because this is not working,'” Dani said.

Josiah and Daisy both felt that if it was Katie’s second season of working with Captain Sandy, Lexi would have been gone. Katie would have felt more comfortable standing her ground.

Plus, Captain Sandy might have trusted Katie’s judgment more and not pushed her to keep Lexi.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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