Katie Flood calls Below Deck Med charter guest criticism of service ‘embarrassing’

Katie Flood reacts to Below Deck charter guest dissing the interior crew.
Katie was not happy with the evaluation her team got from one charter guest. Pic credit: Bravo

Katie Flood has called a Below Deck Mediterranean charter guest’s criticism of the interior’s service embarrassing.

Patrick and Jennifer Kirk were returning charter guests on the hit Bravo show, so they had high expectations. Yes, the group were big drinkers. They even requested beer Olympics and an Oktoberfest celebration, which the crew happily obliged.

However, there was some serious slacking in the interior department, thanks to Lexi Wilson, or so it seems. The table wasn’t set for breakfast one day, a cabin wasn’t fully cleaned, and the primary had to pour his own drink.

When docking day came, Patrick gave the crew a truth bomb that did not sit well with Katie. Patrick expressed the group simply felt there was a lack of attention paid to them, a direct shot at the interior. He even declared that chef Mathew Shea was the saving grace for the charter.

Kate calls Below Deck Med charter guest criticism embarrassing

The topic of Patrick’s criticism came up during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 After Show. Katie quickly shared her thoughts on the hot topic.

“I’ve never heard that before,” Katie expressed. “I was fuming inside. Like, I don’t even know what my facial reaction is, but I remember just, like, inside was burning. Ugh, I’m so angry.”

Although hearing that type of feedback from any charter guest is bad, the fact Patrick and Jennifer were repeat charter guests made it sting even more. It was also really hurtful to the chief stew.

“To get a comment like that from a charter guest, a repeat charter guest, it’s like embarrassing to me. It’s so embarrassing because I feel like I work my ass off. Like, I sacrifice myself and my breaks for my interior team. And just get that in return. It’s just pure disrespect. And it was all because of one person,” Katie stated.

Yep, Katie has no qualms about admitting Lexi dropped the ball, opposed the entire interior team.

What did the other crew members think of Patrick’s feedback?

Katie wasn’t the only Lady Michelle crew member to speak out about Patrick’s remarks. Lexi shared that “sometimes you just fall short” when it comes to high service but you “apologize and move on.”

Bosun Malia White stood up for the interior team because of how demanding the guests were when it came to drinks.

“We were all trying and putting in the effort. And these guys were so much fun, but from an interior standpoint, they were so demanding. They drank all the time, and you know that’s tough. It’s really tough for the girls to like catch up on,” Malia said.

Despite the friction with Lexi, Zee Dempers didn’t feel there was any one person to blame for the service issue.

On the other hand, Courtney Veale felt like she and Katie worked really hard to make the service good for the guests. She does understand why the guests were upset, though. There was no excuse for things that went down.

Katie Flood and the interior will soon have a new addition to help ensure they never get such harsh feedback again.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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