Why has Jana Duggar disappeared from social media?

Jana Duggar selfie
Jana Duggar seemingly walked away from social media. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Jana Duggar is one of the biggest Duggar mysteries out there.

She and her twin brother, John David Duggar, celebrated their 34th birthday earlier this year.

While John David is married with two little ones, Jana is still single and is inching closer to 40.

As the eldest Duggar daughter, she has helped raise and school the younger siblings with her other sisters, Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, and Jinger Duggar.

When the daughters began having children, she also helped babysit and gave them help around the house.

Perhaps that is what drove her away from social media.

Jana Duggar disappears from social media

It’s been two years since Jana Duggar updated her Instagram page.

Her YouTube channel hasn’t seen anything in three years, and she used to be the one who handled all of the family’s social media videos and photos on the main account.

Jana’s abrupt exit from social media coincides with her child endangerment charge, which was handled outside of court.

There was a lot of chatter following what happened, speculation on which child it was, and all of the other details. No public statement was ever issued, and Jana paid a fine and pled guilty.

After that, she stopped sharing on social media, and in March 2022, she disappeared completely.

It is important to note she may have another private account for her family and friends, but the public one and her YouTube channel have gone unused.

Jana Duggar made a rare appearance with Joy-Anna Duggar and the younger sisters

Joy-Anna Duggar hosted a sister night at her home while Austin Forsyth was out of town.

She had Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie over for a sleepover. And yes, Jenny had her little lamb.

Jana Duggar popped up and participated in the Q&A session they did for Joy-Anna’s channel, though she didn’t reveal much that viewers didn’t already know.

The eldest Duggar daughter occasionally pops up at holiday gatherings and on family trips the Duggars take together. She was at the sibling campout and in Florida when the family went last fall.

If she is seen on social media, she’s with one of her sisters, like Joy-Anna, Jinger Duggar in California, or Jason Duggar. Aside from her bond with John David Duggar, these siblings seem to be the ones whom Jana is closest with.

It doesn’t seem like she will be back anytime soon, though an update from her would satisfy those wondering.

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No one
No one
16 days ago

She is probably a lesbian and too embarrassed to come out of the closet because her family is too religious.