Who won HOH on Big Brother last night? Spoilers come from live feeds

Kaysar Hosted BB22 HOH
Kaysar Ridha appeared on Big Brother 22 to host the Head of Household Competition. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers needed to come from the live feeds last night to reveal who had won the new Head of Household Competition.

The latest episode saw Memphis Garrett get sent to the BB22 jury, but the HOH Competition was held a lot later in the evening.

It’s a bit disappointing that live feed subscribers haven’t been able to watch these challenges take place on the feeds this year, but maybe that will change for the final HOH Competition next week.

Kaysar Ridha host new challenge

As the episode came to an end, host Julie Chen Moonves presented a video for the final four houseguests and for the viewers at home.

Previously evicted houseguest Kaysar Ridha was in the backyard to present a challenge called Knight Moves that he played many years ago on the show.

None of the people still in the house seemed to understand what was being presented, raising additional questions about how well they actually watched some of the earlier seasons of the show.

Who won the Big Brother HOH Competition last night?

Enzo Palumbo came through with a huge move in the game. Finally. When the Big Brother live feeds got turned back on, he was wearing the key to the HOH Room.

Enzo got power in the perfect week because he is now guaranteed a spot in the final three. He doesn’t have to stress about things or worry about becoming a replacement nominee based on who wins the Power of Veto.

That’s not the case for the other three houseguests, though, as whoever wins the POV (if it’s not Enzo) will have the only eviction vote next week. The other two houseguests will be up on the block.

After his victory in the throw-back challenge, Enzo was seen studying all of the images in the Photo Room in preparation for what challenges may come last this season.

In fact, Enzo tore down many of the photos so that he could go through them in bed. It was a bit amusing that he would even consider doing something like that and it caught a lot of live feed watchers off-guard.

CBS viewers will get to see how the HOH Competition played out during the October 19 episode of the show. That’s on Monday – when producers will also show who Enzo has nominated for eviction.

Remember that next week also has the special Friday night episode in store for viewers.

For readers who haven’t heard the news yet, Christmas Abbott wants to go on The Challenge on MTV when Big Brother 22 is over.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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