Who was voted off Survivor this week? Episode 2 spoilers

Sele Tribe Game
The Sele Tribe found a way to have some fun at camp. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

The castaway who was voted off Survivor this week may have deserved it. That’s how the game plays out sometimes, and paranoia was certainly a manifested character on Episode 2 of Winners at War.

Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano were voted off last week, showing that this is going to be a season of a veteran player leaving Tribal Council each week. But that could have been predicted based on the cast.

Still, the reality of seeing the elimination of players who have gone down as some of the best in the history of the reality competition came with its own shock value.

It worked out well, though, as Natalie and Amber were on opposing tribes. It kept things balanced when Survivor 40, Episode 2 took place.

Who was voted off Survivor this week?

The episode definitely set it up to seem like one of four players was about to see their time in the main game come to an end. Sure, they still have a chance to battle back from Extinction Island, but those are tall odds.

Danni Boatwright started suffering through a lot of paranoia. During the first episode, she was shown to be in a strong alliance with Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, and Ethan Zohn. They could have dominated for the rest of the season.

Then, Danni started overthinking. She began to get worried that because people weren’t talking to her all the time that it meant she was on the outs. She was wrong. And when she suggested Parvati should get voted out, she put a target on herself.

After Sele Tribe lost the Immunity Challenge — which might have been easy to predict based on the editing of the episode — Danni and Parvati appeared to be the two castaways most at risk of getting voted off Survivor this week.

Rob, Parvati, and Ethan played it well, though, making sure that Danni was the target after she revealed their four-person alliance to Ben Driebergen (as seen below).

Survivor 40, Episode 2 spoilers

At the second Sele Tribal Council, there was a lot of chatter, and at one point, Rob had everyone dump out their belongings to prove they didn’t have Hidden Immunity Idols.

It didn’t work, as Denise Stapley and Adam Klein each have half of one, and they still kept it a secret.

When it came time for the vote, Danni Boatwright became the third person voted off Survivor: Winners at War. She now goes to Extinction Island to await an opportunity to return.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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