Who was voted off Survivor this week? Episode 2 spoilers

The castaway who was voted off Survivor this week may have deserved it. That’s how the game plays out sometimes, and paranoia was certainly a manifested character on Episode 2 of Winners at War. Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano were voted off last week, showing that this is going to be a season of a


Who wins Survivor Season 40? Host Jeff Probst predicts winner

Survivor Season 40 gets started on Wednesday night, and it’s going to be a season for the books. Twenty former winners have been invited back to try to win the show again. Part of the draw for the Survivor: Winners at War cast is that there is $2 million on the line this time. It


Who is Danni Boatwright on Survivor: Winners at War cast?

Danni Boatwright was invited back to be a member of the Survivor: Winners at War cast, and she wants to become only the second person to win the show for a second time. There are 20 members of the Survivor Season 40 cast, each hoping that they have what it takes to win the huge