Who was Queen Cobra on The Masked Singer after double elimination?

Queen Cobra on The Masked Singer
Queen Cobra on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

One of the biggest mysteries on The Masked Singer this season surrounded Queen Cobra.

The first appearance had multiple cobras singing and the judges had no idea how many were actual contestants. Only one person spoke to the judges so the mystery remained.

The next week, once again, there were multiple Queen Cobras around the stage. This time, two of them spoke, so it could have been a duo, but no one was for sure.

Queen Cobra finally went home after their third week, and when the masks came off, there were three of them.

Queen Cobra on Masked Singer unmasks as En Vogue

There have been some pretty strange contestants this season and few real stars, but that all changed this week.

Both eliminated contestants were huge stars in the 1990s and are still popular to this day. After Space Bunny was unmasked as Shaggy, Queen Cobra took off their masks and it was En Vogue.

Space Bunny sang Heavy D’s remake of the O’Jays’ Now That We’ve Found Love. Queen Cobra sang Silk Sonic’s Leave the Door Open. They both went home, losing out to Prince.

The last thing they sang was a showdown of Katy Perry’s Roar.

Robin Thicke guessed that Space Bunny was Shaggy and Nicole Scherzinger agreed with him. Nicole also guessed that Queen Cobra was En Vogue, meaning she had a great night guessing the singers.

We also correctly predicted that En Vogue was behind the Queen Cobra costumes.

En Vogue talks The Masked Singer

After the unmasking, En Vogue talked about why they did the show and why it was intimidating, even for superstars like them.

“We were wondering, how are they going to throw people off?” Terry Ellis told PEOPLE. “So we thought it was genius that they came up with a number of Queen Cobras, as opposed to just showing the three of us up there.”

They said it was a great way to throw off the guesses since you couldn’t actually count the total members of the group.

Earlier this season, Penn & Teller did the same thing with the duo inside a three-headed Hydra.

“It was a bit intimidating, the thought of it. Because as a singer, when I watched the show, I was always amazed at how they are singing through those masks,” Ellis said. “I wasn’t sure exactly how, really. But we agreed to do it.”

“We thought it’d be fun. It was definitely a challenge, but we grew because of the challenge as singers and entertainers. So we’re really glad that we did it and are grateful for the opportunity.”

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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