Who slept with Bolo on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Which women spent the night with Bolo?
Which women spent the night with Bolo? Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta got hot and heavy last week during Cynthia’s bachelorette party. It introduced a scandal that fans have been anticipating: Strippergate.

When the cameras were covered and production left, the women got wild with the stripper they hired, Bolo the Entertainer.

As Kenya overheard, two of the women allegedly slept with Bolo after everyone else went to bed.

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Kenya had been playing detective and holding Bolo court to determine which women did the deed with Bolo. Kenya was leaning towards Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam, and some fans agree while others have their own theories.

Some fans think it was Porsha and Tanya

Several fans agree with Kenya and think that Porsha and Tanya were the ones who got down with Bolo.

“Kenya listening Porsha and Tanya playing with Bolo’s [eggplant],” one fan wrote.

Another fan gave Porsha and Tanya props for their conquest writing, “Now idk nothin but if Porsha and Tanya did do something with Bolo’s [eggplant], I ain’t mad at it baby.”

Another observant fan pointed out that producers had previously marked the open room where the threesome went down as Tanya’s room.

“The producers telling us that Bolo was in Tanya’s room without actually telling us,” the user tweeted along with the maps the producers edited into the show.

However, it’s worth noting that Tanya traded rooms after the murder mystery so that may not have been her room anymore the night that Bolo came to visit.

Some fans have other theories

Some fans think that Kenya didn’t necessarily figure it out. Many fans have pitched that Porsha and LaToya Ali were the ones that slept with Bolo. The cameras captured the two women making out, so they may have taken it into the bedroom.

“Raise ya hand if you think it was Porsha and Latoya in the room with BOLO,” a RHOA fan wrote on Twitter.

“It was Latoya, Porsha, and bolo in the open bedroom with the candlestick hahhaa,” another fan joked referencing the board game Clue.

Another fan agrees with Kenya that Porsha is guilty but also sided with the fans who think LaToya was involved.

“Porsha ‘pleads the fifth’ — that confirms it, she was one of the one’s with Bolo & I betcha LaToya was up in there too!” The fan exclaimed.

One fan thinks that all three women may have been involved.

“Here’s the tea: It was Porsha, Tanya and Latoya in there with Bolo,” the fan wrote.

Another fan pitched a wild care theory that Kenya is the guilty culprit after all.

So what if Kenya was the one with Bolo lmfaoooo cause why else would you make your baby wait 45 minutes for milk just to listen to to sex noises?????????

While many of the rumors have indicated that the women who slept with Bolo were Porsha and Tanya, viewers will have to watch and see if the true culprits are revealed.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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