Who should win Project Runway 2020?

Project Runway Season 18 Final Four
Project Runway’s Sergio, Nancy, Victoria & Geoffrey celebrating making it to the final four. Pic credit: Bravo

Will the final four contestants on Project Runway all get to show their collections at New York Fashion Week? Who will wow the judges and become the winner of Season 18?

On Part 1 of the season finale, the final four designers had to choose 3 pieces from their new collection to show the judges. The judges informed them that this season they are “throwing out the rule book” regarding how many of them will move on to Fashion Week. All four could make it through, or it may be only two.

No pressure.

There are so many things to like and dislike about each of the designers and their work.

First let’s talk a bout the three pieces they chose to show to the judges…

Geoffrey Mac

Project Runway: Geoffrey's Three Pieces
Project Runway’s Geoffrey shows 3 pieces to the judges on Part 1 of the finale – Pic credit: Bravo

Geoffrey was very stressed out and conflicted about which items to show the judges. Making it to Fashion Week was his main priority and he didn’t want to make the wrong choice. He wasn’t sure if he should show his favorite looks, his show-stoppers or the designs he wanted to receive critiques on. He landed on the two jackets and the futuristic dress.

I don’t know, Geoffrey. I would not have chosen to show both of the puffy jackets. Probably just the pink one – because it is crazy-cool! One would have definitely been enough. I wish you would have shown some of your menswear. The judges always love your menswear.

And what’s up with the Princess Leia prom dress> Yeesh! He must’ve chosen the designs he wanted some critiques on, because he certainly didn’t choose his best stuff.

This made me so sad, Geoffrey. I’ve LOVED your work up until now and definitely expected you to go all-out for the runway show, but also expected that you would be smart and make more of those awesome “wearable” pieces you’ve made in the past.

I hope you didn’t ruin your shot at Fashion Week.

If you make it through, listen to the judges and work on your bottoms and underneaths.

Nancy Volpe-Beringer

Project Runway: Nancy's 3 pieces on Part 1 of the finale
Project Runway’s Nancy shows 3 pieces to the judges on Part 1 of the finale. Pic credit: Bravo

Oh Nancy, you’ve been my favorite since the beginning. The inner Hippie in me relates to your vibe, girl.

You did lose me about midway through when you were doing those same pants over and over again, but you got your groove back and stepped it out when it counted most.

I’m glad you chose to show the “accessible” wheelchair look because that definitely set you apart from the other designers. Even though it still needed a tiny bit of work, I think the judges liked it.

That tailored suit was EVERYTHING! It was such a surprise coming from you and I absolutely LOVED it!  I do agree with the judges that it was “a lot” of pattern and could probably use some solid color somewhere to break it up a bit, but solid color or not – it was fabulous.

Your “liquid” dress was amazing. I disagree with the judges on the neckpiece. Unfortunately, it didn’t get shown on the finale episode, but on another clip online I saw the functionality of it as a hood and thought that was very cool.

I think overall, the three pieces you chose were an odd mix to show the judges, but I think they like your point of view in general and I definitely think you’re going to Fashion Week.

Sergio Guadarrama

Project Runway: finale Part 1 Sergio
Project Runway’s Sergio showing 3 pieces on Part 1 of the finale. Pic credit: Bravo

Sergio… where do I even start with Sergio?

If I have to sit and listen to one more explanation about the “political” significance of his work, I might have to mute my TV. Sergio, no one cares. I get it that you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to say how you feel about all of these important issues, but no one cares if your dress looks like a melting glacier.

Also – if one of your mentors tells you your collection looks like western saloon-wear, don’t try to spin it into a good thing. It’s NOT a good thing.

Even though I don’t really like Sergio and his “I’m better than everyone” attitude, I have to give him credit for his consistency with excellent construction, fit and detail work. Kudos on that stunning fringe cocktail-dress, my friend. It was one of the few designs he’s done this season that a woman under 4o would actually wear. It was beautiful.

I also thought the sleeves on the middle dress were incredible, that first dress with the fringe at the bottom looked like some kind of weird lingerie. These three pieces were not a good representation of your work, Sergio, and not sure these choices are going to get you to Fashion Week.

Victoria Cocieru

Project Runway: Victoria Part 1 of finale
Project Runway: Victoria Part 1 of the finale. Pic credit: Bravo

What a total snooze fest.

Really? Tan and beige with some pops of pink? What was she thinking?

And what’s with all the accessories?  Yes, some of the features and functionalities of the purses are very unique and the caps are nice, but, I’m sorry, no one is going to wear a baseball cap with one of those suits. No one ever.

She mentioned to Christian earlier that her mother made some of the caps and purses. I guess Victoria is trying to start an accessory line, too.

I did like that she tried to include the Moldova patterns into her a few of her designs, and that she didn’t do too much of it.

Victoria was in my top two at the beginning, but I think she lost her point of view along the way because she started doing a lot of very different and random things that didn’t have the same Victoria flair.

I’m not sure this was the best stuff to show to try to get herself to Fashion Week.

Now, let’s look at some of the designer’s older work…

Little Black Dresses

Project Runway Season 18 Black Dresses
Project Runways’ final four designers – versions of little black dresses – Pic credit: Bravo

Above are each designer’s versions of  a “little black dress.” Let’s compare:

Starting from the left we have: Nancy’s, then Geoffrey’s, then Victoria’s and then at far right, Sergio’s little black dresses.

Nancy’s dress is perfect in so many ways. It’s modern, a wide variety of women can wear it, it’s cool, it’s fun and it’s fashionable.

Geoffrey’s menswear jumpsuit is the bee’s knees. It’s a great modern take on a tuxedo. It’s also very cool and has style.

Victoria’s dress with the ultra-high slit, to me, was a hot mess. My favorite thing about it was the garter. Everything else about it was just blah. Sad, too, because I really liked all of Victoria’s strappy designs in the beginning. I wish she would have made a more simple strappy black dress at some point along the way.

Sergio’s black dress was just weird. It was like he was trying to combine 4 different things and just didn’t do a good job putting it all together. The puffy sleeves could have been nice on a completely different dress and the buttons at the bottom just didn’t make any sense.

Let’s look at a previous week.

Week 12: Avant-Garde

Sergio’s avant-garde, Asian-inspired look was pretty awesome, but the judges, once again noticed many references to famous designer’s work and did not appreciate that one bit.

Nancy’s avant-garde look was definitely cool, but the judges said there was a little “too much going on” and that “it wasn’t their favorite.”

The judges loved Victoria’s avant-garde look, saying it was something different and unexpected from her.

Even though I thought Geoffrey’s avant-garde looked like a martian in a rubber diaper, his look stole the show and the judges loved it.

Who deserves to win?

I personally love Geoffrey and Nancy.

I think Geoffrey is a teriffic menswear and show-piece designer and if he makes it to Fashion Week, we will see one heck of an interesting show from him. Even if he doesn’t win, he has a bright future ahead and will be a successful designer.

Nancy is my pick for the winner.

I believe Nancy has the total package. She has good taste, great style, interesting ideas and designs fashionable, wearable clothes.

Don’t miss Part 2 of the Project Runway finale next week!

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo

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