Who is Whitney Rose? Here’s what you need to know about RHOSLC’s bad girl

whitney rose from real housewives of salt lake city
Whitney Rose of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast. Pic credit: @whitneywildrose/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has officially arrived, with viewers learning some of the key details about each of the new cast members on the premiere episode.

Among the housewives is 34-year-old Whitney Rose, who was shown early in the episode renewing marriage vows with her husband, formerly her boss. Their relationship brought about trouble for them due to an illicit affair leading to an excommunication from the church.

She’s one housewives’ cousin and appears to be good friends with at least one of the other RHOSLC cast members.

Here are more details on Whitney, including her situation with the Mormon church, family, career, and social media.

Whitney’s relationship and her religion

The Mormon religion is one of the big themes of the new Salt Lake City series, with some of the housewives on board and others not as much. Whitney Rose is not part of the religion now.

She explained early during the premiere that she’s from a long line of individuals in the Mormon religion. She mentions her fourth great grandfather, Latter Day Saint leader Shadrach Roundy, a bodyguard for Joseph Smith, the Mormon religion founder.

Roundy was a part of Brigham Young’s company that went to Salt Lake Valley in 1847, and he is considered amongst the early pioneers that plowed soil in what ultimately became the state of Utah.

In her early marriage vow renewal scene, viewers hear Whitney’s husband say, “We’ve experienced some of the lowest of lows.”

About 10 years ago, Whitney began to have an affair with her boss Justin Rose. The Mormon church excommunicated them based on their “illicit, torrid affair,” as her cousin described in the clip below.


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According to her Bravo bio, Whitney has since been doing her best to “navigate life outside” of the religion for a decade.

Whitney’s family includes two children, RHOSLC cousin

In an exclusive Bravo clip, Whitney Rose talks more about how she met her husband, Justin Rose. They met at work- it’s believed this was at Nu Skin Enterprises, and she went into her boss’ office to tell him how “into him” she was.

She said that kicked off their big affair, as they left their respective spouses weeks later to be together. Once she became pregnant, they decided to get married. Whitney and Justin now have two children together, Bobbi and Brooks. Justin also has several children from a previous marriage.


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Whitney also admitted that her family eventually started to come around after being upset she threw away her family’s legacy in favor of her relationship with Justin.

In the Season 1 premiere, some of Whitney’s family is at the wedding, including her father, Steve, and cousin, Heather Gay, also of the RHOSLC cast.

It’s mentioned in Whitney’s RHOSLC bio that she’s helping to take care of her father, who is facing his own struggles with addiction. Also, new rumors will arrive about her progressive relationship just as it seemed things were settling down. Viewers will be getting more insight as the season moves along.

Whitney runs her own business

In her Bravo clip mentioned above, Whitney says a misconception about her might be that she’s a “golddigger,” but that’s not the case, and she works very hard.

Based on her LinkedIn page, Whitney went to Saint Mary’s College of California and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She worked in account management and Direct Sales with Invision Communications from April 2015 through July 2017. Before that, she worked at Nu Skin Enterprises for over two years, where it’s believed she met Justin.

Now she’s listed as a co-founder of Iris and Beau, based out of Orem, Utah. It’s an anti-aging skincare product company that’s been going since early 2017.

Whitney appears on the website in various photos and an About Us page video explaining its products and services.

Whitney Rose’s life and social media

In the premiere episode, Whitney is shown enjoying a meal with fellow castmate Mary Cosby and dishing about various topics. We also learn that Whitney is Heather Gay’s cousin, and in some sneak peek footage, it appears she may get into it with castmate Jen Shah.

All of the RHOSLC ladies are pretty active on Instagram, including Whitney Rose. She uses the handle @whitneywildrose and currently has over 20,000 followers with 300 posts as of this writing.

While most of the Housewives share promotional clips and photos, they also share some selfies, scenic pics of Utah, and other content. Whitney has several videos or images showing her vacationing, skiing, snowmobiling, and even motorcycle riding.


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Whitney also showed off her and her husband’s Halloween costumes, which had a theme mocking religion (below). In addition, she has shown off her cute dog, Louis, as well as pics of her kids, home, and more.


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Her husband is also on Instagram with his page @JMRose24. He doesn’t have quite the following his wife does just yet, but both are likely to gain a few more fans as more episodes air.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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