Who is Vishal Parvani on Family Karma?

Vishal Parnavi is a cast member of the Indian-American reality show on Bravo
Family Karma cast member, Vishal Parvani. Pic credit: PeopleTV

Last night we saw the premiere of Bravo’s first Indian-American reality show, Family karma, and I’m already hooked!

The show follows a group of seven friends and their tight-knit families living in Miami, and is actually the first of its kind, and not only for the Bravo.

It is “the first U.S. docu-series to feature an all-Indian cast.”

The cast of Family Karma. Pic credit: Bravo

Today we’ll get to know more about one of the cast members, Vishal Parvani.

Vishal Parvani

The 32-year old was born and raised in Miami and attended Florida International University, graduating with a Business Administration degree.

Since then he has lived in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, but now lives in Miami with his parents and works as a commercial real estate director.

Parvani dished all about his life and his new show to The Daily Dish, telling them he was “excited” yet “nervous” to share his life with the world on tv.

He says of the show, “It definitely is TV history. Growing up, people would always ask me, ‘Name a famous Indian-American actor,’ and I never saw any Indians in mainstream media growing up. Seeing people of your culture on mainstream media, it definitely affects how other people view them, as well as how you view yourself.”

He continued, “So I am very excited to see how we’re progressing because representation definitely matters, and showing these cultures that are different but beautiful and relatable, it’s super exciting.”

Since we’ve only seen one episode so far, the world has not yet heard about Vishal’s battle with Crohn’s disease.

However, in later episodes, he will open up about his 20 year battle with the autoimmune disease because he wants “people out there [to know] that even if you have an autoimmune disease, you can still have a great quality of life.”

Vishal and Richa

Through the season, we’ll also see Vishal trying to navigate his relationship with his fiance Richa and her family.

Vishal has been engaged to Richa for over 2 years. pic credit: Bravo

From last night’s episode, we learned that Richa’s mom does not like Vishal – who has been engaged to Richa for two years. We’ll see how the tense relationship between Parvani’s family and his mother-in-law plays out as the season progresses.

Judging by Vishal’s Instagram, it’s clear that he is very much into fitness; he did manage to talk about his ‘six-pack’ during last night’s episode.

And when he’s not posting his six-pack, he’s posting workout videos with detailed instructions for his followers.

Parvani promises that his show will be unlike any other show on the network, saying, “you’re going to see every aspect of our life. This is from our families to our individual lives…You have the whole spectrum where you’re going to see families involved in our lives versus us trying to pave our own life as well.”

You can see more of Vishal during upcoming episodes of Family Karma, Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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