Who is still married from Married at First Sight?

Which cast members from Married at First Sight are still together?
Are any of the couples from Married at First sight still together? Pic credit: Lifetime

This season of Married at First Sight took us on an emotional roller coaster.

With the finale episode right around the corner, let’s see who made it on the other side and who called it quits!

Who’s still together?

Let’s start with the good news first.

If you’ve been following the season, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Jessica and Austin are still together.

The couple took their time in getting to know each other, and week by week, we saw them progress.

They did have some hiccups in the relationship with concerns about Austin’s job and his delay in saying the words, “I love you” to Jessica.

However, the couple seemed determined to make the marriage work, and reports from the Instagram fan page @mafsfan claim the two are still going strong.

They posted a photo on IG stories, which shows the newlyweds coupled up, while supposedly watching an episode of Married at First Sight.

Which couples called it quits?

Unfortunately, the other couples didn’t fare as well as Jessica and Austin.

Zach and Mindy ended their courtship before we even got to the final episode. While Mindy seemed determined to make the marriage work, it was Zach who did not want to be with her and didn’t put any effort into the relationship.

After finding out about an inappropriate relationship between Zach and one of her friends, along with catching him in another lie, Mindy was at her breaking point and finally kicked him to the curb.

Speaking of lies, this was a significant problem that haunted Meka and Michael’s relationship from the beginning.

The 25-year-old tried to get past Michael’s constant lies, but each week she found out something new where her new husband was dishonest. It seems this was just too much for the couple to bounce back.

It’s not clear if they decided to split on the finale episode or after, but in January, Michael officially filed for an annulment, claiming the show defrauded him.

According to filings from his attorney:

“[Michael] now believes he was defrauded into this process and the legal marriage that ensued, as it appears that the actual goal of the ‘experiment’ was not to form lasting, committed unions but rather to create drama and excitement for television ratings.”

Another couple that filed for divorce is Brandon and Taylor

They also had a tumultuous relationship from the start, so no one is surprised that the relationship didn’t work out.

Brandon was constantly angry about being on camera despite signing up to do the show and seemed to take his anger out on his wife, and the production crew on many occasions.

Ultimately, it was clear that Brandon and Taylor were just on two different pages and couldn’t make it work.

Brandon filed for an annulment from his marriage to Taylor in January.

Derek and Katie, by all accounts, were a great match in the beginning.

However, as time went by, viewers grew tired of Katie constantly nagging a passive Austin – who tried his best to appease her at every turn.

They reportedly agreed to continue their marriage after the 8-week experiment, but things took a turn for the worst when the cameras stopped filming.

Most likely, we’ll have more details after the reunion wraps, and the castmates can tell their side of the story.

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesdays  nights at 8/7 central 

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4 years ago

Katie has never left her last relationship behind. She is still wanting the one that didn’t want her. When she has one right in front of her that is a great catch and she keeps trying to say he needs to grow up and it’s really her that needs too. Sure all guys need to mature but you do it with them. Would LOVE to see them make it. ?