Who is Jason Duggar’s new lady? Here’s what we know

Jason and Josiah Duggar selfie
Jason Duggar has people wondering who his lady is. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Just before closing May out, Jason Duggar shook the Duggar world with a simple carousel of photos debuting the new woman in his life.

He was just one of three unattached Duggar men. His new proclamation of showing off his love on the beach has bumped that number to a lonely two.

There has been some debate about whether it was a courtship or engagement announcement, and some critics and fans believe he may have already tied the knot. The latter is a bit of a hasty guess as there was no sign of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in town, and Jason is incredibly close with them.

Jason didn’t tag the photos, and each hid the identity of the woman he twirled, hugged, and fawned over on the beach.

Some prioritize finding out who one of the lost Duggar boys is attached to, yet there’s still no definitive answer about her name.

Here’s what we know about Jason Duggar and the mystery girl he is entertaining.

Jason Duggar could be dating these three ladies

The Duggar family knows how to drum up attention, and Jason Duggar did just that last week when he dropped the bombshell that he was off the market.

Jason didn’t reveal who the lady in his life is, which has led to speculation all over social media. There have been some off-the-wall guesses, but there are at least three solid candidates.

Claire Langdon is the guess many followers are going with for Jason. The Duggar boys (Jason and James) have been seen with the Langdon family for well over a year, and there had already been speculation that one of the boys was connected to Claire or her sister, Emma.

Comments about Emma and Claire Langdon.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Another huge speculation has surrounded the Bates Family. There has always been curiosity about whether the Duggar and Bates families would end up inlaws.

Addallee Bates celebrated her 18th birthday in February, and some of Jason’s followers think she is the one in the photos. There are some doubts, though.

Would the Bates parents allow their daughter to wear something like what is shown in the photos? When were these photos taken?

Comments about it being a Bates daughter
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Were these photos taken last fall?

Jason Duggar shared three beach photos that showed off his new relationship.

While they may be new photos, they may have been taken last fall when the Duggar family took a trip to Florida.

Many Duggar couples have similar photos showing them on the same beach and wearing similar outfits.

Jason Duggar is likely holding out on revealing his lady love until Jim Bob Duggar gives the okay. He is well versed in public relations, and using his children to distract from other issues isn’t something he is above.

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