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Who is going to be the next Bachelor?

Hannah B on The Bachelorette
Which of Hannah B’s men will become the next Bachelor? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette finale begins tonight as part of a two-part event starting at 8/7c both nights on ABC. And while everyone is waiting to see how Hannah’s journey ends on the show, many are also wondering if the newest Bachelor will be announced.

During previous years, the Bachelor hasn’t been announced on the final night of The Bachelorette, but instead on the finale for Bachelor In Paradise, which is expected to happen in September. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our guesses. As of right now, producers have yet to make a decision public, but we do have some strong contenders in the running.


Mike was sent home because Hannah didn’t feel a connection with him. However, he has been very vulnerable on the show, opening up about the strong women in his life, including how he and his former girlfriend suffered a miscarriage.

But people are rooting for Mike to become the next Bachelor because the franchise has never had an African American man as The Bachelor and it is about time that happens!

Tyler C

Even though Tyler C is currently in the running for Hannah B’s heart in the finale, many are hoping that he will be picked for The Bachelor if Hannah doesn’t pick him in the end. He appears to have few flaws and he has been understanding and sensitive to Hannah’s needs throughout the entire journey.

Other Options

While Mike and Tyler appear to be frontrunners, there are other contestants on Hannah’s season that should be addressed. However, many of the final guys probably won’t be picked as The Bachelor because of the stories that have surfaced about them.

For one, Luke P appeared to stay too long on the show and when he left the Men Tell All filming, Chris Harrison even seemed glad that he didn’t have to deal with him anymore. Needless to say, it sounds like Luke P is completely done with the Bachelor franchise.

While Peter the pilot also appeared to be a good choice for The Bachelor, it probably didn’t help his case that a former girlfriend decided to speak out a few weeks ago about their relationship. She claims that their relationship ended just before he went on The Bachelorette.

Lastly, Jed, who is another finalist, probably won’t be picked either. Like Peter, Jed’s former girlfriend decided to speak out against him, claiming he went on the show and told her that they would be together once he returned. He reportedly told her that the experience would make them stronger.

The Bachelorette finale begins tonight at 8/7c on ABC.