Who is Billy Busch Jr’s girlfriend Marissa on The Busch Family Brewed?

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Happy couple Marissa and Busch heir Billy en route to meet the family. Pic credit: MTV

On the next episode of The Busch Family Brewed, the age-old theme of whether the girl is good enough to win over the judgmental family is explored in detail as pretty Marissa Morgan has caught the attention of handsome heir to the Busch beer fortune, Billy Jr.

The fly in these suds are his parents, who appear to be on the fence completely about her intentions, perhaps mulling over whether she has designs on his money and less on his heart and soul.

It’s a theme as old as time —where the rich kid brings home a comely suitor — but does the family warmly embrace the newcomer or hire a private investigator and dig a bit into the person in question?

Will that due diligence be done on Marissa? Is she in debt? Does she have a criminal record? Is Marissa good enough for the prodigal son? You know it’s going to be awkward at times for her as the questions fly.

The action tonight on The Busch Family Brewed is going to go there, as Billy’s parents have a bit of a skeptical look in the clip below when Marissa is brought to meet them. Tough customers!

As we learned from the last episode, the family has big plans to open a new brewery as well.

Why date a Busch?

So why date a Busch? Proximity to large caches of cash maybe? In the Busch family, you’re not just dating one person… you’re dating the whole dang clan of Busch heirs.

Meet Billy’s beautiful girl Marissa on tonight’s episode of the Busch Family Brewed on MTV.  The verdict is not in yet on how mom and dad view Marissa. According to MTV, Marissa and Billy Jr. may have been dating for over a year, but Marissa’s location is the issue.

She lives in Dallas, Texas.

And according to the producers, the Buschs might be smelling a classic gold-digger.

MTV writes: “Marissa is ready to take the next step with Billy by moving in together, but will she be able to win over his family?”

That fact remains to be seen.

Meeting Ms. Marissa:

Marissa Morgan is an Arbonne (cosmetics company) representative who has an active Instagram page. She appears to love Billy and pooches too, with loads of pictures of both of them on her socials.

We think it is interesting to note that on Billy’s Instagram, there is scant if any, photos of Marissa, although he does comment on this photo of them together from her page here.


This is going to be knife and fork delish tonight. Do not miss it.

Watch the preview as the family convenes over food, drink, and… lots of questions for new girlfriend Marissa on The Busch Family Brewed:

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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