Who is Amrit Kapai on Family Karma?

Amrit on the first episode of Family Karma.
Amrit on the first episode of Family Karma. Pic credit: Bravo

Last night, Bravo premiered a new series called Family Karma. The show follows a multi-generational Indian-American community in Florida as they navigate the culture clash that can happen for immigrant families.

The series emphasizes the cultural values that Indian parents place on their children. According to the stars of the show, the first and most important job of an Indian-American child is to get married and give their parents grandchildren.

While many of the young adult cast members seem ready to do this, one — Amrit Kapai, 32 — most certainly is not. Amrit is gay, and the series will follow him and his boyfriend, Nicholas, as they navigate their modern, Western relationship in Amrit’s traditional Indian family.

Amrit’s sexuality came as a surprise to his family

Amrit says that he “checked all the boxes” for his parents by doing well in school, graduating, and immediately attending law school. He became a successful lawyer, much to his parents’ delight, and eventually moved back from Chicago to South Florida to launch his firm’s new office.

When he came out, however, it was a shock for his parents. When asked how she felt about his sexuality when she first learned of it, Amrit’s mother said, “Words cannot describe it. I was shattered. I used to fight with God…but now I tell him thank you. Because I love him the same. It doesn’t matter.”

Once Amrit’s parents got over the initial shock, they accepted Amrit wholeheartedly. They’ve even welcomed his boyfriend, Nicholas.

We haven’t yet met Nicholas on the show, but according to one source, he’s a fifth-grade teacher in the Chicago public school system. He holds degrees from Western Michigan University and NYU and is originally from the Midwest. Although he hasn’t appeared on the show officially yet, we expect that we’ll be seeing him at some point this season.

Amrit’s got a lot going on

Aside from his relationship and career, Amrit’s got a busy life. He’s a graduate of Emory University and Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, and his college friends turn up in photos on his Instagram. His best friend, Vishal, is also on the show. He has a dog, Theo, who made an appearance in last night’s episode. He’s also a big fan of Crossfit, which seems to be working for him — he’s got a whole shirtless story on his Instagram.

We’ll be able to follow Amrit’s story throughout the season, as this is one of several new shows on Bravo.

Family Karma airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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