Who got voted off Survivor tonight? Two hours of Winners at War

S40 Ep13 Survivor
Amber Brkich Mariano and Boston Rob Mariano on Survivor: Winners at War. Pic credit: CBS

After who got voted off Survivor last week, it was going to be tough to pull off another blindside. But that might have been the same statement made after the person who got voted off the week before left with an Immunity Idol in her pocket.

Kim Spradlin was voted off Survivor during the last episode, even though it had seemed like Jeremy Collins was doomed. Jeremy was saved by Tony Vlachos, who put a plan in motion to blindside Kim. His plan worked, but Jeremy would remain a target.

Tony had been running the game, making the right moves at the right times in order to get himself deeper into the game. Would that continue as some of the bigger targets started getting voted out?

Who got voted off Survivor tonight?

Nick Wilson was a target to start the episode, but when he won Individual Immunity, it led to a lot of scrambling from other people. It also foreshadowed a surprise elimination at Tribal Council.

The first person who got voted off Survivor tonight was Jeremy Collins, which didn’t come as a big shock.

It left just six people competing as part of the primary tribe, meaning it was really starting to get down to the final stages of the game.

Michele Fitzgerald became the biggest target after her partner (Jeremy) got voted out of the game. When Michele won the second Immunity Challenge, it meant someone else was getting voted out at Tribal Council.

The second person who got voted off Survivor tonight was Nick Wilson. He was an easy target for everyone not named Michele, and they worked hard to pull it off at a time that Nick did not have an Immunity Necklace.

Nick was pretty frustrated that he got sent to the jury, especially after he had been promised safety by several other people still in the game.

Survivor 40 coming to an end

There is only one night left for Survivor: Winners at War. The three-hour season finale — which includes the one hour Reunion Show — will air on Wednesday, May 13.

It’s nearly time to find out who the Survivor 40 winner is going to be, even if CBS will have to do things a bit differently when it comes to revealing the winner.

Details about the Survivor Reunion Show were announced, and it is going to look a lot different than in past seasons. The current health situation taking place around the world made that happen.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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