Whitney Rose says Jen Shah is ‘jealous of Mary M. Crosby, says ‘I think its a competition thing’

Whitney Rose speaks with Andy Cohen on WWHL.
Whitney Rose speaks with Andy Cohen on WWHL. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Whitney Rose weighed in on why she thinks Jen Shah has it out for Mary Cosby.

Whitney appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live along with RHOC’s Kelly Dodd. WWHL host Andy asked her about some of the issues surrounding Jen’s conflicts with Mary.

“Why do you think Jen is threatened by Mary, especially since they used to be close? Seems like she picks a fight with her every chance she gets. Is she threatened by her?” Andy asks as he reads a question from a fan.

“From my experience, yes. I think it’s a competition thing,” Whitney responds. “I think Mary said it right. There’s something that Jen wants that Mary has…Yeah she’s jealous.”

Whitney has managed to toe the line of being friends with both Mary and Jen. However, during WWHL, they hint that some drama might go down between Whitney and Jen.

Jen had reportedly said that if she wanted any cast member axed for RHOSLC Season 2, it would be Whitney because of her “lies.”

After that and Whitney’s claims that Jen is just jealous of Mary, it seems that she has picked a side since filming the show.

What went down between Mary and Jen

Jen and Mary were reportedly friends before filming started. However, a comment about hospital odor caused a massive rift in their friendship.

During a dinner that the women both attended, Mary allegedly told Jen that she smelled like hospital.

The two rehashed the issue during Jen’s party that she threw for Meredith’s birthday.

Jen took offense to the comment because her aunt was in the hospital getting both of her legs amputated, but she hadn’t been to the hospital that day. Jen felt that she made the comment for the sake of being mean.

Mary defended herself and said that hospital scents are triggering for her because she allegedly almost died in the hospital during a procedure to remove her odor glands.

Mary later apologized and the two agreed to move on, although Jen said in a confessional that she wasn’t fully satisfied with the apology.

Jen wants people to pick a side

During Wednesday’s episode of RHOSLC, Jen made it clear that she’s not over the issue and wants her costars to pick a side.

Meredith Marks had backed out of a sleepover with Jen after Meredith’s children claimed they were uncomfortable around her. In the same week, Meredith attended mass at Mary’s church with Whitney and her dad.

Jen confronted Meredith at Whitney’s 1920’s party. Jen told Meredith she can’t be friends with both her and Mary, and she felt Meredith’s actions showed she chose Mary.

She proceeded to call Mary a “grandfather f**ker.”

She later apologized to Meredith for her outburst at Mary’s luncheon.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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