Which Duggar boy is courting? Counting On preview shows new courtship being announced

Jason and Michelle Duggar at the Duggar home.
Jason Duggar is rumored to be courting. Pic credit: Instagram/duggarfam

Counting On is back with all-new episodes and the Duggars are wasting no time getting down to business. While the season premiere was a little slow, next week’s show is what viewers are anticipating.

In the episode description, it was revealed that Counting On will have a new couple to oooh and ahhh over. That’s right — another courtship is happening and there is plenty of buzz about what is going on. Which Duggar boy took the big step and who is he courting are two of the biggest questions ahead of the next episode.

Currently, there are four eligible Duggar men. Jedidiah and Jeremiah are the second set of Duggar twins and they are currently available. Then, there is Jason, followed by James. All of them are roughly a year apart in age and could be courting at this point.

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Rumors have been circulating on and off about Jason Duggar being the one who is courting. Lauren Caldwell was rumored to be the girl he was interested in. She is the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell, Joseph Duggar’s wife. The Duggars, Caldwells, and Swansons are all very close, making this almost a sure bet.

While the other three Duggar boys could certainly be courting, they haven’t been featured as much as Jason has on social media. Many viewers are insistent that Jason is the one who is currently courting and will be walking down the aisle next.

At this point, it has been nearly a full year since the last Duggar wedding. John-David Duggar married Abbie Grace Burnett last November, and since then, there hasn’t been any new relationship news. The couple is currently expecting their first child and will welcome a baby girl in 2020.

Next week, the new romance will be revealed. There is some speculation that an announcement will be made ahead of the Counting On episode, though that is not a guarantee. Until then, viewers will have to wait patiently to see where the next courtship comes from.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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