Which Big Brother season did fans enjoy the most?

Erika Landin Big Brother
Erika Landin was a part of the Big Brother 4 cast. Pic credit: Tony Esparza/CBS

Big Brother seasons, ranked by fans through the years, present an interesting look back at the show.

Each new summer has been the presentation of a new cast, and there are now 24 seasons in the books.

That total, of course, does not count the three winter seasons featuring celebrities or the online version called Big Brother: Over the Top.

Taking a look back at how these fans have ranked the seasons is also quite interesting, especially since not everyone would guess the best-rated season.

As we get closer to the debut of Big Brother 25 in the Summer of 2023, it’s time to take a gander at how fans have felt about these past seasons.

And yes, the primary image for this article is a heavy hint at the top-rated season of Big Brother.

What is the top-ranked season of Big Brother?

Thousands and thousands of Big Brother fans have used IMDb to rank every show’s episode. This goes all the way back to Big Brother 1, which took place in the Summer of 2000.

A lot about the show has changed over the years, especially since fans used to vote on the winner and houseguests used to have their Diary Room sessions revealed to the rest of the cast. That latter situation is the reason why Danielle Reyes lost on BB3.

But let’s get back to the 855 episodes that have been rated and ranked by IMDb users. It reveals a clear favorite season, even though this isn’t an exact science when it comes to the opinions of television viewers.

According to these rankings, Big Brother 4 is the top-rated season of the hit reality competition show. It is followed by Big Brother 7 (the first All-Stars season) and then Big Brother 14, which featured the return of coaches.

As fate would have it, the BB7 and BB14 casts are now featured on Netflix and Hulu.

Who won Big Brother 4?

Below are a lot of Big Brother 4 spoilers, so if you are a fan who hasn’t seen that season yet, this is where you should tap out on this article and go read some other great content on Monsters and Critics.

The Big Brother 4 winner was Jun Song, an investment manager from New York, New York. Jun was a very strong player, winning the $500,000 prize and emerging successfully during a difficult season.

Jun later returned to host challenges that involved the BB7 and BB10 casts.

The theme of Big Brother 4 had to do with exes, as five former couples were a part of the group of houseguests that competed.

Other recognizable names from that season are runner-up Alison Irwin (she came back for BB7 and was on The Amazing Race) and Erika Landin (she also came back for BB7). Erika would also finish as the runner-up on Big Brother: All-Stars.

To go back and re-watch Big Brother 4, fans can stream the episodes on Paramount+. That’s also a great place to watch seasons that featured 10 memorable Big Brother showmances.

Would Big Brother 4 episodes still enamor viewers if the season aired for the first time in 2022? That’s up to the fans.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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