Where is Hannah Ann today after The Bachelor finale?

Hannah Ann
Hannah Ann was dumped during The Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann thought she had found the perfect man in Peter Weber.

During The Bachelor finale, she accepted his proposal and thought they were on the path to pure happiness.

However, she later learned that she was proposed to because Peter had no one else left on the show.

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After taping ended, Peter broke things off with Hannah in California, partially because he still had feelings for Madison.

The two came face-to-face at the After The Final Rose where she could share her thoughts before closing the chapter.

Hannah Ann put Peter in the hot seat

Fans were excited to see Hannah put Peter in his place, especially since many viewers saw Peter as making a big mistake in proposing to her.

During their conversation on stage, Hannah Ann told him to grow up and be a man before proposing to any other woman.

Prior to them coming face to face on stage, viewers saw a clip from California where Peter broke things off with Hannah. She told him that things were done between them, that she didn’t need anything more from him, and told him to downright leave.

In a matter of minutes, Hannah Ann became a person who viewers didn’t necessarily like all that much to an empowered woman who was standing up for herself after seemingly being used by a man, who thought he loved her.

Interestingly, Hannah was called a hypocrite just a few weeks ago when she had sex with Peter and seemingly judging Madison for not having sex with Peter because of her religious beliefs.

She was called a hypocrite because she was wearing her cross, hinting that she was also religious.

Hannah Ann has moved on from Peter

Last weekend, Hannah was spotted cuddling up with Joshua Dobbs at a bar. The two are reportedly friends but people who saw them out claimed that they were all over each other.

When she told Peter that they were done on the show, it appears that she meant it.

Even though Peter was not the man for her, she appears to be open to finding love. On her Instagram, she shared a beautiful photo of her in a rose grown with a simple caption; Roses are red, violets are blue. Will I be spending forever with you?

That is not a message for Peter.

The Bachelor concludes tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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