Where are the Married at First Sight experts this season?

The experts of MAFS
The experts have been missing this season and it shows in the marriages. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight experts are usually very involved in the marriages that they set up.

However, other than a few phone calls and one episode with Pastor Cal, the experts have visibly been missing this season.

With all of the problems in these marriages, it seems odd that they’re not more involved.

Previous seasons have the experts counseling throughout the season

In previous seasons, when one of the marriages have difficulties, the experts show up immediately to counsel the couple. The experts even attend the honeymoons, just so they can be there to help if needed.

This season, however, they are MIA.

When Michael and Meka had a problem as soon as they hit Panama, it would have been nice to have an expert there to help them work through the issue.

How can a couple who knows nothing about each other work through issues without a mediator? Although Meka and Michael received phone calls, that doesn’t seem to be enough.

Brandon threw a whole tantrum while in Panama, and the experts didn’t seem to know anything about it. Pastor Cal looked visibly shocked when he got the rundown from Taylor several days later.

In the latest episode, Brandon packed all of his stuff and left the couple’s apartment, and still, no expert showed up.

Zach has yet to even move in with his bride, and Pastor Cal just seemed to shrug his shoulders and kept it moving. It appears the experts don’t care if these marriages work or not. Where is Dr. Pepper?

In previous seasons, we’ve seen Pastor Cal told Matt to “man up”, Dr. Jessica called Molly out for being cruel to Jon, and Mia and Tristan got counseled on whether or not they could fix their issues.

No one in the past got a mere phone call and shoulder shrug.

Is it that the experts are overwhelmed with five couples?

This season has more couples than any previous season. Is that why the experts are missing. Do they feel like the couples can counsel each other?

We haven’t seen much of Dr. Pepper since she was digging in underwear drawers and refrigerators. There has been no explanation for her absence.

However, she’s not even making phone calls, which is strange since she’s the only original expert.

It’s unclear why Dr. Viviana is even on the show. Granted, she called Taylor on the phone to discuss the infamous Instagram post, but was that enough? We haven’t seen her since the couples got married.

Pastor Cal seems to be the only expert working this season, and he’s still pretty absent. He did visit each couple in one episode; however, besides some great facial expressions, the couples didn’t get anything out of the visits.

He just got the rundown on what’s been happening and then ran off to his new show, Bride and Prejudice.

It’s no wonder this season is a hot mess, and all of the results of these marriages are already exposed.

No one from the show seems to be involved, except for the cameramen and a random producer in Panama that got yelled at by Brandon.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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