Where are Dave and Amber from Married at First Sight Season 7 now?

Dave and Amber wear formal attire while sitting on the couch
Dave and Amber call off their short-lived marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Every couple on the Dallas season of Married at First Sight said yes on Decision Day, however Danielle and Bobby are the only couple that has remained married to this day. 

Texan couple, Dave and Amber, thought their marriage could last past Decision Day but, shortly after the cameras left, their relationship crumbled to pieces. 

Dave and Amber’s marriage was riddled with insecurities 

On their wedding day, Dave and Amber were both blatantly nervous, but they were happy to have found each other attractive at the start. 

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Despite getting along initially, the couple endured many ups and downs in their marriage. Amber and Dave didn’t see eye to eye on major issues such as religion and finances, with Dave appearing more conservative in both areas than Amber. 

Dave realized he probably should have been more direct when telling the experts what he wanted because, while he previously downplayed wanting a woman of faith, he later said that faith and religion are important values of his. 

In regard to money, Amber stated that she was more of a spender and Dave was more of a saver, similar to MAFS Season 12 couple Briana and Vincent, who did a better job of overcoming their contrasting outlooks. 

Amber wanted to keep her personal spending private from Dave, which was a point of contention for the couple.

They also had to overcome the fact that Amber had previously dated a mutual friend of the couple and Dave found this news “gut-wrenching.”

One of their most common arguments derived from Amber’s deep insecurity that she wasn’t Dave’s type. Dave would comment on how he found it unhealthy for Amber to dye her blonde and mentioned his celebrity crush was the brunette actress Jessica Biel. 

These comments, and especially Dave admitting to Amber that he rated her a 7.5 out of 10, caused Amber to really struggle and lack trust in the relationship. 

On Decision Day, the couple pushed past their arguments and decided to stay married. However, their marriage was short-lived. 

The couple announced that they had split during the MAFS reunion episode. Dave explained that after the cameras left, Amber moved out without telling him, causing Dave to feel very hurt and blindsided. 

When Amber tried to return, the two got into an argument that led to their decision to end the marriage. 

On the reunion episode, Amber, who notably changed her hair to brunette, apologized for letting her insecurities take over. She vulnerably told Dave that she wanted to reconcile and fight for their marriage again. 

Dave, on the other hand, felt they were too far gone and didn’t believe they could work things out so the two went forward with their divorce. 

Where are Dave and Amber now? 

Amber hasn’t gone public about being in a relationship and she’s relatively private on social media, posting sparingly about her life and family. 

She also keeps in contact with MAFS costars and appears to enjoy spending her time with friends and loved ones. 

Dave more actively shares his life, spending time with friends and family and enjoying golf. Dave also shared that he quarantined with his family in California during the pandemic. 

Like Amber, Dave doesn’t seem to publicly be in a relationship and he also keeps in touch with MAFS cast from different seasons. 

He shared a photo of volunteer work he did with Sonia Granados from MAFS Season 4 and his fellow costar, Tristan Thompson, from the Dallas season of MAFS. 

Both Dave and Amber continue to find happiness in their lives after their emotional split. 

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime  

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1 year ago

Amber is so insecure; drop the me, me, me attitude and it could have bn so much better!