Where are Cody and Danielle from Married at First Sight Season 5 now?

Cody and Danielle laugh on the couch
Cody and Danielle share a laugh together. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 5 took place in Chicago, and was the first season to switch over to its current network, Lifetime. 

After the couples from MAFS Season 2-4 all ended up divorcing at some point in their marriage, MAFS Season 5 would introduce Ashley and Anthony, the first couple since Jamie and Doug, to be still married to this day and even expand their family with children.

Despite saying yes to one another on Decision Day, Ashley and Anthony’s fellow Chicago couple, Cody and Danielle, didn’t find the same success. 

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Cody and Danielle can’t find a spark 

On their wedding day, Cody came in confident. He immediately introduced himself to Danielle’s family and appeared calm and collected at the altar. 

Meanwhile, Danielle had a lot of nerves on the big day. However, once the pair finally met at the altar, they both were relieved to find the other attractive. 

However, their physical attraction came to an inexplicable and abrupt halt, and the two lacked any sign of romance throughout the rest of the process. 

Danielle preferred to take intimacy slow which was a major source of frustration for Cody.

She wanted to find an organic spark and connection before exploring their physical chemistry, and she became irritated when Cody would constantly bring up his desire to consummate the marriage.

The two were often disconnected even when under the same roof, and Danielle’s trust issues clashed with Cody’s desire for commitment. 

Danielle felt Cody was childish and stuck in his comfort zone and Cody felt they were more like friends than spouses due to their lack of intimacy. Both were aware that divorce was a likely option before heading into Decision Day. 

When it came time to decide whether they would stay together or not, Cody felt their ups and downs allowed them to build a stronger relationship and Danielle appeared to agree so the two made the choice to stay married. 

After just one year of marriage, Cody and Danielle announced they were getting a divorce, stating that they valued happiness and believed they would be happier apart. 

Where are Cody and Danielle now? 

Cody voiced a deep regret for ever having joined MAFS, calling it the worst experience of his life and feeling like the “joke of America.”

Now, Cody appears to have left Chicago and currently lives in Cleveland. He also does not seem to be publicly dating anyone. However, he has posted photos with former Married at First Sight: Second Chances contestant Jordan O’Neill, who dated MAFS Season 3 star David Norton on the spinoff series. 

Cody mostly shares photos of sports, such as golf, and his fun times with friends. 

Danielle DeGroot also appears to be happily single. The dietician works as a personal coach and promotes health and yoga. 

Apart from work, Danielle enjoys sharing photos from her beach days and outings with friends. 

Staying true to their divorce statement, the ex-couple does appear to be happier going their separate ways. 

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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