When does Love Island USA Season 5 premiere?

Sarah Hyland hosts Love Island USA
Summers here and that means new islanders looking for love on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Peacock

When does Love Island USA Season 5 premiere? That’s the question on Love Island USA fans’ minds as summer begins.

Love Island USA became a hit in 2019, with Season 1 airing on CBS alongside Big Brother.

The reality TV show lasted two more seasons with CBS before moving to Peacock for Season 4 last summer.

At the time of the move announcement, Love Island USA was greenlit for Season 4 and Season 5, with the fourth installment taking place in summer 2022.

That was music to fans’ ears because the show has become a summer staple to watch the islanders hook up, fight, break up, and sometimes even find love in the villa.

So, it’s summer now, but what’s happening with Love Island USA Season 5?

When does Love Island USA Season 5 premiere?

There’s good and bad news regarding the Season 5 premiere of Love Island USA. The good news is that casting calls have been happening all over the United States since December.

Unfortunately, Peacock has yet to reveal a premiere date for the upcoming season of Love Island USA. That doesn’t necessarily mean the show’s return is far away.

Season 4 of Love Island USA premiered on July 19 last summer, but the date wasn’t announced until well into June. If Peacock follows a similar format, then premiere news should be coming out in the next couple of weeks, along with a list of the first islanders headed to the villa.

Sarah Hyland took over hosting duties from Arielle Vandenberg when the show moved from CBS to Peacock. It has yet to be confirmed whether Sarah will return for Season 5.

What has been confirmed, though, is a spin-off series featuring Love Island USA alums, which also adds fuel to the fire Season 5 will debut sooner rather than later.

Love Island Games is coming to Peacock

In April, Peacock doubled down on its Love Island franchise by announcing a spin-off series that focuses on former fan favorites and not just from Love Island USA.

Love Island Games will bring together alums from Love Island UK, Love Island USA, and Love Island Australia.

The crop of alums will get a second chance at finding love with a twist. Instead of focusing on life in the villa, Love Island Games will focus on the challenges.

There will be team and couples challenges just like on Love Island USA, with one duo taking home the title of Love Island Games champion and some cash too.

Love Island Games is slated to premiere this fall after Love Island USA Season 5 wraps its Peacock run.

Are you ready for Love Island USA to return?

Love Island USA is currently streaming on Peacock.

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