Love Island USA Season 1 cast sizzles in throwback pics for Netflix celebration

Kyra Green from Love Island USA Season 1
Kyra and more cast members reflect on their time in the villa. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA Season 1 cast members Kyra Green, Alexandra Stewart, and more sizzled in images from their time in the villa as the stars celebrated the show’s debut on Netflix.

The show first aired four years ago and produced several couples, including Kyra and Cashel Barnett, Alexandra and Dylan Curry, Ray Gantt and Caro Viee, Weston Richey and Emily Salch, and winners Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber.

Unfortunately, none of the couples lasted, with Emily and Weston making it the longest and breaking up last year.

What has lasted, though, are the friendships and the memories from the villa.

This week, Alexandra and Kyra proved just that as they looked back on their time on the hit reality television and enjoyed a Netflix win for the show.

Love Island USA Season 1 just dropped on Netflix and found a new audience as it began to trend quickly on the streaming service.

Kyra Green shares sizzling snaps from Love Island USA

Taking to Instagram, Kyra was the first to reflect on her experience in the villa. A series of photos make up Kyra’s Instagram post that featured some of her favorite memories with her cast members.

Kicking off the post was a recent picture of her with Alexandra. Next up was the brunette beauty’s cast photo from Love Island USA.

A shot of Cash and Kyra looking fine in Love Island USA swimsuit attire followed, along with a shot of a sexy football competition that had Kyra kissing Emily. Rounding out the Post was a classic Love Island USA slow-running image of the cast headed to a competition and one of a happy Kyra and Cash in the villa.

“Holy shizzle my nizzle ? Loveisland season 1 is on Netflix guys ??❤️ watched the first episode last night and feel like I’m reliving it ? also where I met my bestie in the villa @alexstewart11 , came out on national tv, and met my first boyfriend!! Go watch ?,” Kyra captioned the IG Post.

Love Island USA Season 1 star Alexandra Stewart celebrates Netflix win

Alexandra took a page out of Kyra’s book and used Instagram to enjoy Love Island USA, landing on Netflix and trending after one day.

The carousel of photos included Alexandra rocking a green bikini she wore as she entered the villa with Caro, which is the second snap in the post. There was a bikini promo shot of Alexandra and Elizabeth, followed by one of Alexandra smiling in the villa.

She shared the same picture that Kyra did of the two of them together and one of them on a red carpet after the season wrapped up. Elizabeth and Alexandra jumping on a trampoline was next. The IG post ended with several fun group snaps from inside the villa.

“Stealing Kyra’s idea but I’m screaming that LOVE ISLAND IS TRENDING IN THE TOP 5 ON NETFLIX!! I can’t help but reminisce about these amazing friends and experiences we had on this crazy journey. Forever bonded fam. If you’re watching for the first time i hope you’re loving it as much as we do,” Alexandrea wrote as the caption.

Kyra Green and Alexandra Stewart have fond memories of their time on Love Island USA despite not finding their soulmates. They continue to live their best lives while also promoting the show each year and furthering their reality television careers.

Love Island USA Season 1 is streaming on Netflix. Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Paramount Plus, and Season 4 is streaming on Peacock.