Sarah Hyland dances cowgirl style on a table

Sarah Hyland close up
Sarah Hyland let her inner cowgirl out. Pic credit: ©

Sarah Hyland embraced her inner cowgirl and was ready to see the world.

The actress posed atop a picnic table, with one hand resting on her knee and the other highlighting her smiling face.

She sported a flowy and stylish flannel top with colors in tan, yellow, brown, and red.

A brown bandana with cream polka dots was positioned around her neck for extra cowgirl flair.

Of course, a pair of washed-out jeans made the most sense to complete this ensemble.

The jeans flared toward the ankles, letting her brown boots stick out from underneath.

Sarah Hyland accessorizes her cowgirl look perfectly

What’s a cowgirl without her hat? Sarah didn’t have to find out; her black cowgirl hat looked amazing with the outfit, and the giant rims would block out any sun coming her way.

The film producer accessorized her look with hoop earrings and a gold watch, and her nails were perfectly manicured. Her face was flawless, and she covered her eyes with brown-rimmed sunglasses.

She also included a couple of other pics in her share, including a stunning look in a sheer black dress and a selfie highlighting her voluminous locks and lovely makeup.

Sarah captioned her look, “Perching, dancing, and turtlenecks.”

Sarah Hyland’s company is at Sephora

Sarah may take time to party as a cowgirl, but she’s also busy as a businesswoman.

The voice actress shared a video on Instagram to announce that her company would partner with Sephora and that her amazing products would soon be available at Sephora stores.

The video showed images of Sarah and other models posing with the new tasty treats now available online and some footage from behind the scenes.

She included in the caption of her video, “WE HAVE BIG NEWS!! My company @trysourse is now at @sephora online!!! We have been working with the Sephora team to bring these exciting products into the world for months now and it’s finally here!!”

Her company, Sourse, sells snacks that promote health and beauty wellness. This includes vitamin-infused chocolate — finally proving that this tasty treat can indeed be good for health!

The products are already available on the Sephora website and will become available at Sephora stores starting on April 14.

Sarah’s post likely brought some awareness to her new partnership, as it went out to her 10.5 million followers.

The Hollywood star concluded her caption, “Find us at AND hitting stores April 14th! ✨.”

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