What’s going on with Paul and Karine? Is this 90 Day Fiance couple really heading for divorce or is it all an act?

Paul and Karine
Are Paul and Karine really heading for divorce? Pic credit: TLC

Earlier this month, Paul Staehle told 90 Day Fiance fans that Karine Martins was going to divorce him. He even went so far as to say that she had started the process in Manaus, Brazil.

But is this reality TV couple really splitting up or is this all for publicity?

That’s what many 90 Day Fiance fans really want to know, because, in the time since Paul told everyone that Karine was done with him (again), there have been a few things happening via their social media accounts that have followers scratching their heads.

It all started with Paul claiming that their apartment in Manaus was robbed. He even claimed that the thieves stole Karine’s prized stuffed animal collection as well as Pierre’s baby bathtub. That had many people skeptical from the start because those aren’t exactly high ticket items.

Monsters & Critics has been following the latest Paul and Karine divorce drama closely. Soon after Paul’s announcement that Karine wanted a divorce, which was posted in Portuguese, Karine got a bit of a makeover and she was looking great.

Then, Paul shared a video from a boat in Brazil and Pierre was there. He was in the arms of another man, one whom many believed to be Karine’s brother.

So, even after Paul and Karine announced that they were going their separate ways, and also after Paul said he was “headed up the Amazon” to try and convince Karine to at least live in the United States, he was still there with the family.

The biggest puzzle in all of the latest Paul and Karine divorce drama comes via Cameo, which they have made private, by the way.

Earlier this month, Paul claimed that featuring himself and Karine would be suspended indefinitely but they are not. They are still open for booking at just $34 a pop, and per the website, Paul and Karine’s response time is about 12 hours.

On Saturday, Paul posted a new message to his Instagram stories. Apparently, the thieves that broke into their apartment didn’t just steal Karine’s stuffed animals. He claims they stole her identity too.

In Portuguese, Paul wrote, “4000 BRL por informacoes precisas, levando a priseo e condenacao de padroes que raobarum meu apartamento. E roubou identidade Karine e abriu muitas contas” which translates to “4000 BRL for accurate information leading to arrest and conviction of standards that raobarum my apartment and stole identity Karine and opened many accounts.”

Paul shared a message offering a reward
Paul has offered a reward after learning that Karine’s identity has been stolen. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

In American dollars, the amount of the reward that Paul is offering for the arrest and conviction of whomever stole Karine’s identity amounts to $943. It also proves that the two are still in contact. Otherwise, how would he have known that Karine’s identity was stolen?

Karine hasn’t said anything on Instagram about her identity being stolen. It is worth mentioning that she still has a picture of Paul and herself as her profile photo, which seems odd for someone itching to end their marriage.

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4 years ago

Paul needs to calm down a bit he complained about food to Karina’s parents. I think there is something good between them.