What season did Jeremy Collins win before Survivor: Winners at War?

Jeremy Survivor 40
Jeremy Collins playing Survivor 40 in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Jeremy Collins is a part of the Survivor: Winners at War cast. He came back to the show in the hopes of winning the $2 million prize attached to it.

The 20 members of the Survivor 40 cast all want to reach that same goal. But only one of them is going to be named the Sole Survivor during the Reunion Show this spring.

It’s good that the producers and host Jeff Probst invited Jeremy back, as he has shown that he is a beast at this game, who certainly has the skills to win it for a second time.

Can Jeremy strike gold during his third time on the reality competition show?

Jeremy Collins appears on Survivor: San Juan del Sur

A firefighter from Foxborough, Massachusetts, Jeremy first appeared on Survivor 29. The season was better known as the second installment Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and the theme involved pairs of loved ones competing against each other.

During that season, Jeremy appeared with his wife, Val Collins, as part of an entirely new cast of characters. Val was the second person voted out, and Jeremy was the eighth person out.

He did make it to the jury, though, meaning he appeared on every episode for the fall 2014 season.

What Survivor season did Jeremy Collins win?

Jeremy was named the Survivor: Cambodia winner. This was the second time that he was on the show, showing that he learned from some of his mistakes the first time around.

The subtitle of Cambodia was Survivor: Second Chance, and the competitors were selected by fans who voted in a poll. Jeremy was one of 20 people selected from the 32 potential returners, and it proved that he had a lot of fan support.

Jeremy dominated the jury vote during the season, winning 10-0 over Spencer Bledsoe and Latasha “Tasha” Fox in one of the most lopsided finales the show has seen.

It also cemented his legacy of one of the best to play the game, especially after beating out 19 other returning cast members.

Does Jeremy Collins have what it takes to win another season against fan-favorites from the past? This time around, he will have to defeat 19 other former winners — which isn’t going to be an easy task for any of them.

The Survivor 40 season premiere airs on February 12, and it is a two-hour presentation. It will also see the return of other former winners like Ethan Zohn, Rob Mariano, and Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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