What is the Big Brother Power of Invisibility?

Julie Chen Emmy red carpet
Julie Chen Moonves had some exciting things to share about Big Brother 25. Pic credit: ©

The Power of Invisibility is about to hit the Big Brother house.

Host Julie Chen Moonves told the CBS audience that BB Comics Week has begun.

The news came at the end of the latest eviction episode.

Earlier in the night, Cameron Hardin got evicted on a unanimous vote.

The houseguests will now play to decide who goes to the final seven.

As part of the new week, someone will win the Power of Invisibility.

Secret powers coming to Big Brother 25

As part of the BB Comics week, Julie stated that two powers will get unleashed.

The first is the Power of Invisibility.

The Power of Multiplicity will appear in conjunction with the Veto Competition,

Julie said that houseguests will be seeing double when it happens. More clarity is needed about how that will impact the BB25 cast. Maybe it will mean two people can win the Power of Veto.

What is the Power of Invisibility?

Big Brother Canada has a twist called the Secret HOH. It is also called the Invisible HOH by fans of the show.

If the rules remain the same, this Power of Invisibility will allow the new Head of Household to remain anonymous.

The remaining houseguests (excluding Bowie Jane) would compete in private to win the power.

Once they have competed, the winner will be notified in the Diary Room, and their reign as HOH will begin.

Since they are a Secret HOH, that person would not get to live in the HOH Room. But they do get the powers of a regular HOH.

Again, if the rules remain the same, the Secret HOH would make secret nominees, and the week would continue under an invisible cloak.

This twist could be very entertaining for the audience. It could be even better if the secret isn’t revealed on the Big Brother live feeds. That could allow fans to guess who has the power and remain in the dark until an episode reveals the Secret HOH.

Outside the game, Janelle Pierzina revealed someone pre-gaming ahead of the Big Brother 22 season. And Rachel Reilly corroborated her story.

Jared Fields and Izzy Gleicher also just reunited. After striking up a friendship in the Big Brother house, they have spent time together in the real world. Izzy has been accepted into the Fields Family, just like Cirie Fields indicated in the game.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Here is the updated BB25 episode schedule for October.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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