What is the best season of Survivor? Let’s take a look

Jeff Probst Is Host Of Survivor
Jeff Probst continues to be the host of Survivor. Pic credit: ©

Picking a favorite season of Survivor isn’t the most straightforward task.

A lot can go into a decision like that.

For some Survivor fans, it can come down to which cast was the strongest.

And for other fans, it could depend on the filming locations.

Sometimes it can even come down to how strong the final three were for a given season.

It can even depend on how well a season of Survivor has held up over the years.

Let’s take a look at how some Survivor experts have felt.

Dalton Ross picks his favorite season of Survivor

Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross has followed the show for years.

Dalton recently created a ranking of all 44 seasons, where he called Survivor: Island of the Idols the worst installment.

As for the best, he concluded that two seasons died at the top of his list.

Dalton feels that Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites stand out from the rest.

Borneo was the first season of Survivor, setting a new stage for reality competition shows.

And Micronesia was Season 16, which he called the “most enjoyable” installment so far.

More opinions on the best season of Survivor

Over at TVLine, Nick Caruso calls Survivor: Thailand the worst installment the show has seen. As for Island of the Idols, he ranks it as the second worst.

Nick has also gone with Micronesia as the best season, followed by Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20) at No. 2. He then has Borneo ranked at No. 3.

Collider, which loves top 10 lists, has Borneo down at No. 10. As for the best seasons, according to Collider, they are Heroes vs. Villains, Fans vs. Favorites, and Survivor: Cagayan – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty (Season 28).

RHAP (Rob Has a Podcast) weighed in with the help of fans and other Survivor experts to determine the best seasons. They also called the Island of the Idols season the worst.

At the top of their list, RHAP has Heroes vs. Villains, followed by Cagayan and Survivor: Pearl Islands.

When it comes to a consensus from the fans and experts, Fans vs. Favorites, Heroes vs. Villains, and Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty were clearly the most enjoyable themes.

A new season of Survivor comes to CBS

Survivor 45 debuts on CBS this fall.

A brand new cast has played the game in Fiji, and a leaked cast list for Season 45 has also been revealed.

New episodes are 90 minutes each, giving fans some bonus time to enjoy on Wednesday nights.

Regarding some recent news from the show, many Survivor 44 castaways are doing Cameos.

As for watching past seasons of Survivor, Paramount+ is a streaming service available to take them in.

Survivor 45 airs in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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