What happens on the final episode of The Bachelor this week? [Spoilers]

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s journey to find love will end tomorrow. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber is following his heart during this two-night finale of The Bachelor.

He was open and honest with Madison Prewett — even though she decided to eliminate herself.

She claimed that she didn’t think that they were a good fit because of their religious beliefs and values.

But Peter told her that they could get through it. He tried everything he could to convince her to stay.

Halfway through the episode, she left. Now, Peter is left with just Hannah Ann.

Peter Weber is left with Hannah Ann

During Peter’s final date with Hannah Ann, he expressed confusion. He told her that he was still unclear about what he should do, even though she didn’t know that she was the only one left.

That’s where the episode ended.

But in the preview for tomorrow, we learn that Madison regrets her decision and wants to come back. But Peter is still left confused in the outback.

Earlier today, we learned that Peter is left confused in the desert because Hannah is considering leaving as well. Then, he’d be without any woman.

Now, the question here is all about the timeline. Does Madison return before Peter goes through with a proposal to Hannah Ann? Or does she regret her decision much later in the process — after Peter and Hannah get to go back to the United States?

Peter Weber learns that Madison returns

It may not come as a surprise that Madison has her regrets.

Madison has threatened to leave Peter twice already. She walked out of their dinner date but showed up late to the rose ceremony. Then, during tonight’s episode, she dumped Peter in the outback, only to regret her decision.

Chris Harrison keeps saying that not even Peter knows how everything ends on this season of The Bachelor. And that could be because Madison’s storyline happens after Peter returns home and has wrapped up filming.

Madison was spotted filming in Auburn, Alabama on February 12. She was there with a film crew, possibly filming a package about how she has dealt with the aftermath of The Bachelor.

The preview essentially ends with Peter confused about what to do, apologizing to one of the women, and Chris teasing that things aren’t over yet. So, will Peter break up with one woman and get engaged to another? Or will he be single once again after this season ends tomorrow night?

We’ll learn the answers soon.

The Bachelor concludes tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 10, at 8/7c on ABC.

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