What happens next week on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special? [Spoilers]

Peter Weber
What happens next week on The Bachelor: Women Tell All? Pic credit: ABC

Another episode of The Bachelor has wrapped and Peter Weber is closer to finding the woman he wants to call his wife.

But before the final episode, the women will sit down to discuss the season’s drama.

The Women Tell All special will air next week in the Monday night timeslot.

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The Women Tell All special is a featured episode that is present in every season of The Bachelor and often allows the contestants to share their thoughts and feelings about how things played on the show.

The Bachelor will start with a rose ceremony

Next week’s episode won’t go directly into the Women Tell All special.

Instead, Peter will go through with his rose ceremony first. Reality Steve explains that Victoria and Hannah Ann show up for the rose ceremony, but Madison does not.

However, he reveals that she does eventually show up but her body language isn’t showing that she’s committed.

Reality Steve reveals that Peter chooses to send Victoria home. Hannah Ann accepts his rose and Madison, despite being reluctant at first, accepts his rose as well.

Then, the Women Tell All special will begin.

The Bachelor’s Women Tell All will highlight the drama of the season

During the two-hour Women Tell All special, the women will have a chance to hear from Peter and confront one another. And since Victoria was just sent home, she will also be there.

One of the topics of conversation is Victoria’s reputation that played out in the media as the show was airing.

Victoria F will deny being the source of drama in her hometown, despite being accused of breaking up marriages. Twice, she claims that those rumors and stories are false.

Another person will also be in the hot seat throughout the episode.

Kesley Weier’s journey on The Bachelor will also be discussed, including her emotional outbursts. And of course, Alayah’s return to the show will be featured.

Tammy will also be allowed to defend her decision to confront some of the women and be aggressive with them, even if it meant being sent home by Peter. She will be so outspoken that Chris Harrison has to step in at some point.

Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker won’t be at the Women Tell All. Kelley wasn’t invited to the filming, and Natasha may have chosen to stay at home.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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