Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker are missing from The Bachelor: Women Tell All [Spoilers]

Kelley and Natasha
Kelley and Natasha did not show up for the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker are two faces you won’t be hearing from at the Women Tell All special.

The Women Tell All special of The Bachelor was filmed a few days ago.

The focus was, of course, on some of the drama that played out this season, including Victoria F’s behavior and Alayah’s return to the show where Peter gave her a rose.

However, Natasha’s only one-on-one date won’t be discussed and neither will Kelley’s controversial comments.

Kelley Flanagan was reportedly not invited

According to Reality Steve, there is a reason why Kelley won’t be there.

He wrote on Twitter that she was not invited to the Women Tell All. As for Natasha, he didn’t have any info, but it seems odd that she wouldn’t show up on her own accord.

He explains that she was in the top 5 and that she was popular. Not being invited seems odd, unless something happened off-camera or with producers that resulted in her not being invited.

But it’s also possible that she chose not to appear, as she saw her journey with Peter as done.

As for Kelley, Reality Steve reveals she wasn’t invited, which he doesn’t think makes sense. What’s more, is that she won’t be addressed or acknowledged on the Women Tell All. Lastly, this means she won’t be chosen as The Bachelorette, even though many fans were convinced she’d make a great Bachelorette.

Kelley Flanagan was publicly shamed for calling the other women ‘girls’ and career shaming them

During the episode where she was sent home, Kelley joked to the cameras that Peter should choose her because she’s a lawyer and the other women left on the show were just girls.

Tyler Cameron, a previous contestant on The Bachelorette, revealed that it wasn’t okay for Kelley to career-shame the other girls. He added that he was unemployed when he went on the show.

Reality Steve didn’t guess that her career-shaming had something to do with her not getting an invitation.

Many fans gave Kelley credit for the way she handled herself after being dumped by Peter on The Bachelor. She didn’t break down and cry as she left the show. Instead, she handled herself with pride, sharing that it was clearly Peter’s loss that he was sending home a lawyer.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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