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What happens next week on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart Episode 3?

Julia brings the drama on next week’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

Another episode is over for The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart and fans got a pretty good idea of who will steal the show going forward.

While Trevor’s cheating drama was exposed by Natascha — who entered the mansion during tonight’s episode — it was Julia and Brandon’s connection that stole the second hour of the show.

And it wasn’t just limited to Julia. Mel tried to steal Brandon away as well, claiming she was falling in love with him.

However, he picked Savannah during the rose ceremony because they had a date together and they clearly had a connection. But when the rose ceremony ended, Brandon told Julia that they could pick up where they left off.

Clearly, he wants to see if they still have a connection. So, what happens next week on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart?

Julia and Brandon bring the drama

The trailer reveals that Julia and Brandon’s relationship drama continues. Julia confronts Savannah about her feelings, sharing that she wanted to go home because Brandon picked Savannah.

But Savannah doesn’t seem too concerned with Julia’s comments, revealing that she’s probably just jealous or insecure.

The trailer doesn’t reveal what happens, but Sheridan and Savannah could be hurt by how Julia and Brandon continue their connection behind their backs.

Fans may remember Julia from her conversation with Sheridan during the first episode, where she opened up about having cystic fibrosis. During Episode 2, Sheridan revealed that he was surprised she was even giving him the time of day.

Given the lying, the secrets, and the betrayals, we’re guessing that some of these contestants could do well on Bachelor In Paradise.

Julia and the others start the performances

The trailer also revealed that the group performances start next week. This is where the couples are judged on their performances by celebrity judges.

The preview reveals that Julia and Sheridan are confronted by the judges, who don’t see a genuine connection between them on a romantic level. Obviously, that’s heartbreaking for Sheridan, who has put everything into his relationship with Julia.

But for Julia, it probably makes perfect sense, as she’s only in the relationship with one foot. The other foot is with Brandon to see if they could have a great relationship. Since their relationship drama took up much of the trailer, it’s possible that this could have a dramatic fallout before the episode is over.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.