What happened with Peter Weber and Madison after The Bachelor?

Madison returned for Peter during The Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett left The Bachelor finale with a cliffhanger – will they or won’t they try a relationship?

Peter had previously gotten engaged to Hannah Ann in Australia but broke things off with her in California after returning home.

Then, Chris Harrison traveled to Auburn, Alabama to tell Madison that Peter was now single because he had broken up with Hannah Ann because he was still in love with Madison.

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The two met up in California, but then nothing happened.

As they met on stage again, they revealed that they still loved one another and were willing to give it another shot – but take it one step at a time.

Madison wants to give the relationship a chance

Enter Peter’s mom.

Madison clearly wants to see where things could go with Peter, but his mom is clearly a big fan of Hannah.

So, where are they now? Well, we simply don’t know. Since the show was filmed live, Peter and Madison may need to have a chat to see if they can try a relationship without having Peter’s mom interfere in the relationship.

If she can’t win over Barbara, the relationship may not stand a chance.

Madison may need to win over Peter’s mom

Madison didn’t do anything wrong on The Bachelor, but during the finale, Barbara revealed what it was that Madison had done to rub her the wrong way.

Apparently, Madison had made the family wait three hours to meet her because she talked to Peter first. That didn’t sit well with Barbara, who felt that she needed an apology for waiting for three hours after traveling around the world.

She also explained that Madison said she wouldn’t accept a proposal from Peter, whereas Hannah was ready to jump in with both feet.

Her behavior during the finale has caused some people to call her the worst mother-in-law because she is so critical of the woman that Peter wants to be with.

Viewers aren’t happy with the way Peter’s mom is coming across, especially because she’s making Madison out to be a mean and hateful person, simply because she told Barbara that this is as much her journey as it is Peter.

This isn’t Peter’s journey to find love. It’s also Madison’s journey.

After watching the finale, some viewers feel that Peter may only have proposed to Hannah Ann to make his mother happy. That didn’t work out well.

Some of the tweets about Peter’s mom took a harsher turn.

In the end, Peter stood up to his mother, asking her to please accept Madison as being the woman he wanted to pursue.

It will be interesting to see if Peter’s mom can move forward from this experience and accept Madison into the family.

The Bachelor concludes tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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