Did Peter Weber only pick Hannah Ann to please his mom? Bachelor fans seem to think so

Peter and Barbara
Fans believe that Peter only picked Hannah Ann on The Bachelor to please his mom. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s journey to find love on The Bachelor ends tonight on ABC.

For a long time, fans have wondered what will happen as Peter tries to figure out his feelings.

Chris Harrison has teased that no one really knows how it ends and whether Peter will be engaged by the end of it all.

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But one thing is for sure – Peter’s mom is playing a big role during tonight’s finale.

It’s clear that producers are playing up her role in his decision, as they continue to zoom in on her whenever Peter’s journey is playing out.

She desperately wanted him to pick Hannah Ann and doesn’t seem happy about him picking Madison.

Peter Weber may just have picked Hannah to please his mom

After watching the finale play out, it’s clear that Madison was Peter’s top choice. But he proposed to Hannah Ann because she was there.

Now, fans are guessing that he only did that to please his mother.

Throughout the finale, Barbara was clearly rooting for Hannah Ann and she clapped loudly in the audience when Hannah stood up for herself after Peter broke things off with her.

Whenever Peter tried to pursue Madison, she frowned and didn’t seem happy about her son’s decision.

Peter Weber’s mom reaction is seen as manipulative once again

To some viewers, Barbara’s behavior isn’t that of a supportive mom. Instead, she’s being labeled as a manipulator.

Throughout the season, fans have seen Peter’s mom telling him, “don’t let her go” and “bring her home to us.” For a long time, fans thought she was referring to Madison.

But during last night’s episode, fans learned that she was indeed referring to Hannah Ann and was crying because she felt he was leaning towards Madison instead of Hannah.

As last night’s episode aired, Peter’s mom was called manipulative for crying in front of him to change his mind about Hannah Ann. That continued tonight, as Peter got ready to propose.

Viewers also noticed how her facial expressions changed whenever Peter was talking about picking Madison.

When she was told the news that he had proposed to Hannah Ann, his mother broke down in tears and was extremely happy.

Many viewers feel that Barbara played a big role in how Peter’s ending played out with her behavior, her crying, and her words.

The Bachelor concludes tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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