What does it mean to get backdoored on Big Brother?

Cameron BB25 Week 5
Cameron Hardin got backdoored on Big Brother 2023. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother has many terms that are unique to the show.

Getting “backdoored” is one such term that many fans use.

The term can be slightly confusing, but there are specific parameters where it is applied.

Being “backdoored” is often confused with being “blindsided” on Big Brother.

Both terms have already applied to evictions taking place on Big Brother 25.

One of the terms could also be used at the October 19 Eviction Ceremony.

What does it mean to be backdoored on Big Brother?

Several boxes need to be checked before declaring someone has been backdoored.

Below is a brief list of the scenarios that must all be in place to consider a houseguest backdoored.

  • Houseguest cannot start the week on the block.
  • The houseguest cannot play for the Power of Veto.
  • The targeted houseguest becomes a replacement nominee at the Veto Meeting.
  • After becoming a replacement nominee, they are voted out.

If any of the parameters above aren’t achieved, it is not considered a backdoor.

A recent example of someone getting backdoored is Cameron Hardin. He was not nominated, he did not get to play for the Power of Veto, and Bowie Jane made him the replacement nominee.

What does it mean to get blindsided on Big Brother 25?

The definition of being blindsided is much looser on Big Brother.

To be blindsided, a houseguest need only become a replacement nominee after playing for the Power of Veto.

A recent example of someone getting blindsided is Michael Bruner from Big Brother 24.

Matt Turner was the Head of Household during a Double Eviction episode. Turner nominated Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes for eviction. Everyone left in the game then played in the Veto Competition, including Monte Taylor, Michael Bruner, and Taylor Hale.

Monte won that POV and saved Alyssa from the block. Turner then named Michael as the replacement nominee. Michael was blindsided and sent to the jury house on a unanimous vote.

He was considered blindsided because he had a chance to save himself by winning the POV. When a houseguest gets backdoored, they cannot change their fate.

In other news, Michael Bruner got married last week. Several Big Brother alums helped him to celebrate the big day.

Cameron Hardin gave an interesting Big Brother exit interview. He spoke about who he feels is playing the best game this season. Cameron also revealed who he thinks is playing the worst game.

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