Wes Bergmann of The Challenge shares ‘incredibly difficult’ update with fans

the challenge star wes bergmann at the crater on double agents
The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann gave an update on the tough situation he’s dealing with. Pic credit: MTV

In a recent social media post, The Challenge star Wes Bergmann shared some tough news with fans and friends, letting them know why he’s been “out of it for weeks” and in a “touch-and-go mental headspace.”

Wes, who appeared as a competitor on the Double Agents season, let others know that his beloved St. Bernard, Bootstrap, is dealing with bone cancer and a “rapidly growing tumor in his nasal cavity.”

That brought Challenge co-stars and fans to offer their support as Wes is clearly going through a tough time in his life, as he tries to enjoy his time with his pet.

Wes shares emotional update on Instagram

In a heartbreaking Instagram post (below), Wes Bergmann updated “friends, family, and colleagues” on the “incredibly difficult news” about his dog, Bootstrap.

He mentioned that the tumor in his dog’s nasal cavity is “pushing against and decaying his skull.” Wes indicated doctors originally gave him months to live, and the prognosis became just days or hours. However, after they put Bootstrap on cancer medication, it put the prognosis “back to months.”

Wes said that he’s mostly happy to have extra time to spend with his pet, but a small part of him hates what is going on because there isn’t anything he can do about it.

“I have to watch his nose slowly bleed almost all day. I have to watch his face swell to the point where he can’t open his eyes (which is now greatly down thanks to medication). I have to stand by him as his confusion heightens,” Wes added.

The Challenge star said he wanted to share this news due to make others aware of the reason he has “been out of it for weeks and will continue to be in a touch-and-go mental headspace.”

Wes said he also realized that many people have enjoyed seeing various posts about his pet on social media over the years, courtesy of Wes and his wife, Amanda.

“Not knowing when he’s gonna pass is hard. It’s even harder knowing I’m gonna have to make the decision for him. I’m more scared for that moment than anything I’ve ever done in my entire life,” Wes also shared in his post.

He went on to praise the doctors from Blue Pearl animal clinic for their help, and also thanked everyone for their “love and positivity” during the trying time in his life.

Wes’ Challenge castmates offer love and support

While Wes may have looked like a major target on The Challenge: Double Agents, it’s clear it was more about the game and less about personal grudges. Many of his castmates from Season 36 and previous seasons offered him love and support on his heartbreaking post.

“If you need anything bro, don’t hesitate to call,” Wes’ castmate Nelson Thomas wrote.

“I’m really sorry my brother, all my love goes out to you and @nomastayinkc at this difficult time,” Double Agents’ Kyle Christie commented.

“Wes I’m so sorry sending my thoughts and prayers go you and fam. Have bootstrap in my prayers,” Josh Martinez wrote.

“This is heartbreaking Bergy, I know how much he means to you…I’ll be thinking about you and Bootstrap,” wrote Johnny Bananas.

Wes’s longtime costar on The Challenge, Cara Maria Sorbello, also offered some words of support. Last month, Cara Maria bid farewell to her pet horse Garnett.

“I know that love and that bond…. i also know you are probably overwhelmed with people reaching out everywhere and i know how hard it is to handle all that mentally. So i will just leave my love here. All my love to you and amanda and bootstrap. theres really no words to say. Just know you guys all got a lot of love with you during this time. Im sorry wes,” Cara wrote in the comments.

While Wes appeared on Season 36 of The Challenge, the two-time champ was eliminated within the first several episodes as many of his castmates were trying to get rid of him due to him being a threat in the game. His close friend Devin Walker eliminated him in Episode 5 in a Snapping Point elimination.

Following his time on the show, Wes later announced he wouldn’t be back for Season 37 due to another project he is working on. However, there’s no word he’s done competing on the show, so fans may see him back on a future season.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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