Wendy Moten made history this season on The Voice

Wendy Moten on The Voice
Wendy Moten on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Through most of The Voice Season 21, Wendy Moten was a favorite to walk away with the win.

While there were some vocal fans who felt she didn’t deserve to be on the show since she had some minor success over 20 years ago, she had plenty of fans keeping her in the competition to the end.

Wendy even overcame severe injuries suffered while on the show to make it to the finals.

That is where Wendy Moten made history, even in her loss.

Wendy Moten makes history on The Voice

Wendy Moten made history when she made it to the finals on The Voice Season 21.

While Girl Named Tom made history as the first trio to ever make it to the finals, and then topped that off by winning it all, Wendy made history by being the oldest person to make it to the finals.

That made Season 21 a year of huge accomplishments.

If Hailey Mia had won, she would have been the youngest winner ever. She was 13 when she started on the show and turned 14 while competing.

Wendy Moten, on the other hand, turned 57 while competing on the show, making her the oldest finalist ever.

Wendy has worked in the music industry for decades and she had a hit song in the 1990s. However, her solo career died off after that and she has worked as a backup singer over the last two decades.

Wendy has toured with Kenny Rogers, Michael McDonald, John Oates, Julio Iglesias, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Vince Gill.

Wendy Moten on her experience on The Voice

The Voice was Wendy’s opportunity to finally try to achieve a solo career once again. She said that competing on The Voice was more nerve-wracking than singing with all those legends.

“I’ve toured with some of the greatest icons in music history. None of these icons ever scared me. But coming here? This is the biggest thing I’ve done,” Wendy said in the premiere.

“Sometimes you want to give up. I hope the coaches dig what I have to offer because I would like to continue to grow.”

Wendy shocked everyone when she chose Blake Shelton as her coach, passing up more like-minded coaches like Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Even newcomer Ariana Grade could have worked well with Wendy’s voice, but she trusted the experience of Blake and rode it to the finals.

She even did this after breaking her right elbow and fracturing her left hand after a performance on an episode. Wendy said she will have to have reconstructive surgery on her elbow.

However, she made it to the finals and now has a chance to try to achieve her dreams once again with her newfound fame.

The Voice is on hiatus. It should return to NBC in late 2022.

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2 years ago

The Voice can stay on hiatus. Perfect example of women having an expiration date. If she was 20 something, she would have won.

2 years ago

Wendy was a great vocalist, who struggled to bring stage presence to the mix. She often came off as detached.