Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath arrested for DUI

Kim Plath in a Welcome to Plathville confessional.
Kim Plath is facing legal issues after being arrested for DUI. Pic credit: TLC

Kim Plath has been arrested for a DUI following a crash earlier this year.

The Welcome to Plathville matriarch turned herself in and had a mugshot taken after a warrant was issued in relation to an incident in Florida in June.

According to TMZ, Kim Plath was said to have been involved in an accident where her vehicle flipped upside down and filled with water in a ditch.

A police report claims officers could smell alcohol on her breath, and when she was transported to the hospital for her injuries to be looked at, blood was drawn to test her blood alcohol count.

She was initially charged with careless driving, but after months of waiting for the blood results, a warrant for a DUI was issued. Kim was reportedly released the same day after turning herself in.

For now, additional details about her arrest are scarce, but in the coming weeks, it’s likely more information and statements from the family could emerge.

Kim Plath’s life changes on Welcome to Plathville

When Welcome to Plathville viewers first met Kim Plath, she was an extremely faith-based homeschooling mom with several children. While the kids’ ages varied, all but one daughter and son lived at home when the show premiered on TLC.

Kim often discussed the extreme rules her children abided by, including never having experienced television, never tasting soda as no sugar was a huge thing in the Plath household, and other odd rules she and Barry implemented as parents.

Last season, viewers saw something changed in Kim. She was no longer happy in her marriage with Barry, and the pair decided to divorce after more than two decades. It wasn’t what anyone expected, especially their children.

Ethan and Olivia Plath then moved to Florida along with Moriah Plath.

As of the time of writing, none of the Plath siblings had spoken out about their mom’s legal trouble. They did previously put out a statement saying that they supported their parents, though Olivia and Ethan Plath were not a part of that.

Will TLC cancel Welcome to Plathville?

The TLC network has weathered several storms from various programs they’ve hosted over the years.

Their stance on what happened with Kim Plath is not yet known, as they have not issued a statement.

They previously canceled 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On following Josh Duggar’s various scandals.

Welcome to Plathville is currently on hiatus.

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Gail Collins
Gail Collins
1 year ago

Kim Plath is horrible. It’s so easy to see through her manipulations and lies on the show. I have all I can do to stand seeing her when she’s on and must mute my tv until she’s gone. I say, “ yuck, move on Kim. We don’t care.” She hopefully will move on off of the show that I otherwise enjoy.

1 year ago

Hypocrite is the word for Kim another would be narcissist. What an awful woman. How she manipulated those kids was child abuse and Barry went along with it.