Olivia Plath stuns in tiny bikini by the ocean

Olivia Plath selfie.
Welcome to Plathville’s Olivia Plath stuns in a bikini by the ocean. Pic credit: @oliviamarieplath/Instagram

Olivia Plath has come out of her shell after a few tough years.

The Welcome to Plathville star was affected by social media in a negative way when the show began airing, but it seems she is past that now.

While the state of her relationship with the Plath family is unknown after last season’s events, it is clear she is still very much in love with her husband, Ethan Plath.

The two have spent time traveling together, sharing various photos of stops along the way. Olivia travels for work in the photography business, but this trip was for pleasure.

Olivia shared two photos and a lengthy caption that read in part, “When I saw inexpensive tickets for Peru, I couldn’t pass them up. 🇵🇪 I’m in a headspace right now where I just can’t seem to get enough of broadening my horizons, and experiencing the world from other culture’s perspectives.”

The blonde beauty posed in a bikini for two shots. The first showed Olivia lying on a tree above the ocean, and the second showed her figure in the bikini by offering a full-length view.

Olivia Plath alienates Plath siblings

Last season on Welcome to Plathville, there were big revelations and healing moments.

Despite Ethan Plath’s pushback with his parents, he seemingly moved forward with his father, Barry, and at least spoke to his mom, Kim.

The other siblings, Micah and Moriah Plath, moved forward with forgiveness, rebuilding their relationship with their parents.

Olivia Plath appeared to remain on the outs, even having conflict with Moriah over her feelings.

Shortly after the season finale aired, the Plath siblings released a statement standing by their parents.

It’s unclear whether they are still in contact with Ethan and Olivia at this point.

Olivia Plath enjoys traveling

Despite all of the drama with the family, Olivia Plath is enjoying her time traveling.

She has spent time in a bikini on more than one occasion, which is a big deal for someone who grew up in a conservative world, similar to the Duggars.

Olivia enjoys traveling the world now, and her most recent venue is Peru.

It’s unclear whether another season of Welcome to Plathville is coming, but if it should be picked up by the network, whether Olivia and Ethan would take part is up in the air.

Welcome to Plathville is currently on hiatus.

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