Welcome to Plathville Season 3: Will the Plaths return to TLC?

Olivia and Ethan Plath in a Welcome to Plathville confessional.
Ethan and Olivia may never reconcile with Barry and Kim following the Season 2 finale confrontation. Pic credit: TLC

Welcome to Plathville has been a hit for the TLC network.

After Season 1 aired, fans were screaming for more of the Plaths.

Things aren’t cut and dry with the family, and despite some tough feedback for several members of the Plath family, they decided to return for another season.

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Now that Season 2 is ending, viewers want to know if another season is in the works, even if it is a modified version.

Will Welcome to Plathville be back for Season 3?

As of now, there is no official word from TLC regarding their plans for the show.

Season 2 will wrap up tonight after a heated confrontation between Ethan and his parents, Barry and Kim. In fact, things get so dramatic, several of the siblings are upset after watching what went down between their brother and their dad.

The family is fractured, maybe even beyond repair at this point. Micah Plath revealed that his parents were hesitant to sign on for Season 2 because of the situation the family was in. Reluctantly they did, and now, things are more volatile than ever.

With Ethan and Olivia’s marriage being front and center, there is a lot that could work if the show was rebranded. Moriah is still seeing Max, and Micah is working on his modeling and dating, so there are plenty of options even if the network just uses the older siblings.

Will the Plaths ever mend fences and be a happy family?

After seeing the confrontation between Ethan and his dad, it looks like mending fences may not be an option right now. Their confrontation appeared to turn physical.

It appears as though following the completion of filming, some of the relationships were not mended. Micah and Moriah likely still see their parents as they have shared photos of the younger Plaths on their social media, but Ethan and Olivia likely stayed out of the picture.

While it remains to be seen where things end up after the Season 2 finale of Welcome to Plathville, based on the previews there are plenty of assumptions. Intense moments can lead to unforgivable actions, and it looks like this family may remain broken moving forward.

Without a confirmation, a third season is purely speculation. There are ways to make it work, even if they have to rebrand the show and follow just Ethan, Olivia, Micah, and Moriah.

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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