Welcome to Plathville Season 3: Here’s everything you need to know about the new season

Kim and Barry Plath in a Welcome to Plathville confessional.
Kim and Barry Plath are returning to Welcome to Plathville. Pic credit: TLC

Welcome to Plathville is coming back to TLC for a third season this summer.

Viewers left off seeing Ethan Plath get physical with his father Barry after he and Olivia came by to say goodbye to the siblings for good. It was a confrontation that left Welcome to Plathville fans shocked.

It has been only a few months since the show left the air. With the comeback happening in August, viewers will get the chance to determine what happened following the altercation and where the other siblings are in life.

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What are Ethan, Olivia, Micah, and Moriah up to?

Season 3 of Welcome to Plathville will delve into what the adult Plath children are up to. Last season, viewers learned that Micah and Moriah moved out on their own and began living together. They remained close with Ethan and Olivia, spending a lot of the with the couple.

Ethan and Olivia appeared to be struggling within their marriage. The strain between them and Kim and Barry weighed heavily on them, causing some friction and disagreements. Season 3 will explore more of that, with some teasing that marriages will be tested.

Olivia has been open on social media about her struggles, including within her marriage to Ethan. She is more worldly than him, which has been an interesting issue to tackle.

Micah Plath has been getting used to life without all of the rules. He is active on social media.

Moriah Plath is still with Max. She began dating him last season, and despite a split, the two reconciled and are in love. She frequently posts photos with him and her siblings.

Will the Plaths reconcile?

After seeing Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville and how it ended, there are several questions about whether the family can reconcile.

According to the press release from TLC, not everyone is willing to make nice to see the siblings. Kim and Barry Plath decided not to let the older kids who left home see the other children. That changed during Season 2 when Moriah and Micah extended an olive branch to their parents.

Things weren’t awesome between them, but Moriah went so far as to introduce Max to her parents. She was able to have her sister over at her home, and Kim even walked into the house that Moriah and Micah shared. It is likely they will attempt to reconcile for the sake of the other children, but where Ethan and Olivia are concerned, that may be a lost cause.

To find out what all of the Plaths have been up to, be sure to tune into Season 3.

Welcome to Plathville returns Tuesday, August 24 at 10/9c on TLC.

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